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Whether you are an entrepreneur, SME busisness owner or professional looking to up-level yourself and your skills or to be more engaged with other like-minded people we have options for you.


VIP Strategy Day

When you spend a day focused only on you and what you want to achieve, Go Confidently Quotemagic happens!!  Are you worth the effort and more importantly the phenomenal results that we can create?

A VIP Day is a one day event  designed for business leaders or professionals who want to really drill deeper and dream higher!  Working one-on-one, together we can whip up a roadmap and action plan that you can navigate right away.

Three options are available for you to choose from.

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 Think Bigger and Ignite Results

Connecting with and collaborating with other business leaders and professionals who are dedicated to their own success and are open and willing to help their peers is the foundation of a successful peer-mentoring or mastermind group.  When you leverage the minds of others you truly can think bigger and stretch yourself beyond your self-imposed limits.  The sky is the limit!

A mastermind group meets regularly to tackle business and professional challenges and problems to identify solutions and options.  They will lean on each other, give advice, brainstorm new ideas, share resources, connections and when its right to do so, they may also do business with each other. Through peer-to-peer mentoring you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business.

Isn’t it time to tap into the power of collaboration and knowledge to be the best you can be?


Ignite Momentum – Group Coaching

If you’ve made a decision that you are ready to be coached, group coaching sessions have many benefits over our executive or business coaching options. Coaching is for you if you have made the decision to change your approach to leadership, advance your career, engage your team, restructure or grow your business, or implement new products or services. We can help you fulfill your potentialenhance your performancenavigate your transformation in a group setting. Allow others to witness your process, and learn by watching others in your group.

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Know Thy Self

You know yourself but are you capitalizing on your strengths?  Are you achieving the results you want to

DISC Assessments offer assessments give individuals an opportunity to learn something about themselves, with the goals of self-improvement, discpersonality enrichment and enhancement of their workplace relationships –

Our core suite of assessments offer you an opportunity to understand how you behave, what motivates you, how you think and make decisions, how you handle stress, how you learn and understand your emotional intelligence.

Every assessment is accompanied by a personal debrief session to ensure you gain the most from the in-depth report you receive.

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Career Coaching

Are you ready to take on that first big career move?  Are you considering a career change?  Do you want to pursue a breakthroughpromotion?  Is your company reorganizing and you’re being displaced?  Planning your career change or facing a layoff full-on is key to achieving the results you aim to realize.

Our approach ensures you are prepared to take the leap forward.  Together we identify what you want to achieve, create and ignite the plan.  Our coaching program is tailored to you and may include career planning, resume creation, interview preparation and debriefing, building your network, transition support and more.

We are results focused and collaborate with you using our unique approach.

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Executive and Business Coaching

We are more like business consultants and strategists in our approach.  Our success comes from your success!Success Leadership Process 11844131_s

Coaching is a methodology which allows us to help you dig deep and pull out the best from you to amplify learning and ignite results. We focus on where you are now and where you want to go and we measure results along the way.

If you want to improve your leadership skills, tackle a major challenge, break-through the glass ceiling, or grow your business, let us collaborate with you on a results-focused action plan.

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