As I travelled to the airport earlier this week, I realized I was experiencing several firsts.  They aren’t remarkable except for the fact that I noticed them.  I confirmed my first agreement in my newly created Ambassador program.  I then met the son of a friend for the first time.  My trip to the airport was also a fist.  It was my first time riding the skytrain (metro) from downtown to the airport (wow was that easy and cheap).  I also experienced my first problem getting my Blackberry to work — RIM was having network problems and I couldn’t receive or send anything.

I am also flying on a new airline and writing my first blog post at 35.000 feet.  My experience at the airport was the worst check in I’ve ever experienced.  The airline had only 2 of 7 kiosks working and first class passengers were forced to stand in line with economy passengers to try and check in – not that that was a smooth process either! I lined up with the economy passengers and waited for the horrible service from the kiosk check-in.  Once on the plane, I was asked not once but twice to change seats with fellow passengers.  I’ve never done this before either. It didn’t matter to me which of 16 seats I sat in, so I obliged.   I also landed in Phoenix for the first time.

During my business meeting, I met several of the authors in our new book “Smart Women Live Their Why“.  This is also the first book I have contributed to… and it won’t be my last.

I share all of these firsts with you because firsts are always a unique experience that offer us something new in our lives, and these experiences allow you to grow and learn.  Firsts offer us opportunities, memorable experiences (positive, negative and neutral) and learning points.  Once we experience a first, we are able to determine how to move forward, how to react and be better prepared should that situation repeat itself.

I like to think of my firsts as stepping stones to bigger and better things.  I learn something from every first… even when the experience is less than ideal.

How many firsts do you experience in a day or week?

Do you acknowledge these firsts?

Take time in your day to recognize when you are experiencing a new experience. Firsts are exactly that…firsts.  If you don’t recognize them, life is just passing you by.  Firsts provide you a lot of information that you can use to transform and grow and really experience life and business.

“I don’t want to live. I want to love first, and live incidentally.”

Zelda Fitzgerald quotes

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