When you think about feedback, what comes to mind? 

Does it invoke a positive thought or experience or a negative one?

Feedback is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate information to another person.  This information can be positive, inspirational, thoughtful, and valuable.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, feedback can be negative, hurtful, pr thoughtless.  Sometimes, feedback can be neutral — neither positive or negative, and when given you wonder what point they were trying to make.


As a consultant and executive business coach, I regularly have to give feedback to my clients.  It is something I value as a person, and I know my clients want to receive feedback from me as we navigate their growth and changes.  It is important that I provide quality feedback to stimulate new ideas, reconsideration of the status quo, and where an idea is truly less than ideal.  The feedback I provide, and the probing questions I ask are used by clients to structure their future.

As a person, feedback can be very helpful in guiding you so that you learn, develop or change your approach.  When presented in a positive way, even negative feedback allows for opportunities to be unleashed.  How feedback is presented also impacts your response — are you open to the information or are you defensive?

If you lead a team what kind of feedback do you provide?  Is it mainly negative or positive?

Are you the type of person who only offers feedback when someone makes a mistake?

Do you take the opportunity to offer words of wisdom or reinforcement?

  As an entrepreneur or business leader, feedback should be a integral component of your communication style.   Leaders have the ability to provide effective feedback.   When delivered in an effective way, both the “giver” and the “receiver” will benefit – particularly if the giver is open to hearing from the receiver.  The two way dialogue which can emerge during a feedback session can set you apart — as a leader rather than a manager.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
Ken Blanchard

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