Eyes Wide Open

For those of you who have been following my blog for the past month, you know that I have undertaken a huge change in my business and my branding.  This change started about one year ago and required a lot of dedicated focus and decision making along the way as I visualized, clarified, implemented, tweaked things at every stage.  Most importantly the process hasn’t ended!

The past month since I launched Ignite Leadership International has been an exciting one, making the hard work worthwhile.  What I have found that forcing myself to re-position my business and stay focused on a few major goals has allowed me to also see so many new opportunities that align with my vision, mission and values.   It has also allowed me to better communicate who I am, what I do and with whom.  This has attracted the right people into my life.   I have located joint venture partners, new clients, new business tools and programs to better support my clients and I am more content.

When you keep your eyes wide open and focused on your goal, the law of attraction comes into play.  You will:

  • see opportunities,
  • be better prepared to evaluate and act on opportunities quickly
  • know which (so-called) opportunities are just distractions
  • feel less distracted and more at peace with yourself and your decisions
  • be able to measure your results.

One way to help keep you focused is to journal each day.  Journalling offers you some time to reflect on your bigger vision and the activities you undertake each day.  It takes less than 15 minutes to do and reinforces all of the positives in your life, career and business in a way that catapults your success and ignites your leadership abilities.  The process of journalling has now become a daily habit, rather than the hit and miss approach I used before.  The results are worth the time I spend!  I know it will be worthwhile for you too.

The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought,

this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium. 

~Norbet Platt

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