Does leadership impact results?

One of the best ways to learn about leadership and the impact it can have is to watch others in action.  A great opportunity to see the impact of leadership occurred in during a recent curling brier (Canadian curling championship) in Calgary.

I digress a bit…

If you are not a curling fan, curling is a game of strategy and skill. Very simply, a curling team consists of 5 members – 4 who play plus a spare.  Each team is led by a skip, followed by the 3rd, 2nd and lead.  The coach is not allowed to consult with the team during play unless a timeout is called.  Curling rocks (44 lbs of granite) are pushed along a pebbled sheet of ice into rings at the opposite end (known as the house).  Games consist of either 8 or 10 ends.  Each team tries to get as many rocks in the house closer to the centre (the button) than the other team.   Learn more in this fun 2 minute video from Curling Canada.

Now… back to our discussion on leadership.

During the off season, Team Canada underwent a change at the skip position.  They had added a guy who is best known for playing the 3rd position.  The team had enjoyed some success prior to this Brier, and five games in they had won 2 lost 3.  This was not going to be good enough to win.  After a team meeting, they made the decision to switch the roles of the skip and 3rd.  This change turned the tide, and they went on to win 8 of the next 9 games and retained their reign as Team Canada.  The same 4 men – a completely different trajectory.

So how does this relate to your business?

I do believe leadership has a major impact on the results a business and a team can achieve.  If you are not getting the results you know you should and can be achieving, leadership may be one of the causes.  If you are the leader, sometimes you have face the mirror and what its telling you.

  • Are you motivating and engaging your team?
  • Are you asking for and/or listening to them and considering their insights and feedback?
  • Are you the best person to be the leader?  Is there someone else who could do that job better than you?

It’s a tough situation to face but it can be critical to your success and you may have to put your ego in your back pocket for awhile.  If stepping aside is the right decision, it’s not because you can’t lead.  You may not be the best person in that role at this point in time.  Acknowledging this demonstrates you are a leader – one who is  focused on getting the right people into the right roles for the right job.  Looking at Team Canada, the same four men, in slightly different roles were like night and day.  They stayed focused on the goal (to win the Brier) and the process needed to get there.

 How can you know what is the right decision?

There is no one right answer.  Instead, leadership requires you to gather information and make a decision.  In the case of Team Canada, they worked with their Coach and masterminded together to find the right solution.

You too have those options.  

1)  Working with an Executive Coach can help you identify challenges and then establish alternative to implement to reverse downward trends.  Your Coach can offer support, another perspective, and can help drive the process as you take action and transition yourself and your team.

2) A mastermind group consists of other people like you who are committed to being the best they can be.  During meetings (and between) you are able to ask questions, receive feedback, different perspectives and support.  A good mastermind group is like a board of advisers for you and your business.   (Personal note:  I have belonged to mastermind groups for over 20 years – long before I began leading them – and my masterminds have helped me advance and transition my business in so many wonderful ways).

If you think Executive Coaching or a mastermind group could help you, please book a complimentary Ignite Business Assessment call so we can determine what you need and what next steps are right for you.

I think this quote says it all very well

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.       Robin S. Sharma


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