Do You Plan Your Business or Work in Chaos?

During a recent networking event, the group had a discussion about business planning and why it is important to business success. I was pleased, and somewhat surprised by how many people in the group actually had a written business plan.  I’m sure our discussion spurred on the others to get started.

At one point in the discussion we talked about how rapidly things change and this can force you to review and retweek your plan.  That’s life!  Things change — and its good they do!  Would you want to get stuck in the same ol’ rut?  Don’t leave things to chance.  Take the lead and work your plan.  You’ll love the results.

Earlier this year I wrote a short blog post called “Chaos and Change”.  Our discussion reminded me of this post so I am taking the liberty of reshaping it with you (in case you missed it).

Have you noticed that when you are in the midst of change you feel like you are in chaos, even when things are going as planned? I know I do. When my clients are experiencing change in their careers or businesses, they frequently want to place things on hold so they can catch their breath. More often than not I help them see that it is better to live in the chaos and push forward than to stall their progress.

Why? Because it is normal for things to feel chaotic when you are make progress. Every time we make a change we push ourselves out of our comfort zone. In addition, if you are an “A” personality, you like to have control and change takes some of that control away. The key to managing this ‘lack of control’ or ‘chaos’ is to have a good plan in place. The plan will help you know when you are on course or detouring. Make sure your plan has key milestones included — times when specific items will be complete or are transferred to someone else to complete. These milestones allow you to recognize your progress. They will also enable you to weather the storm when everything seems to be off-kilter.

Remember, review your plan. Tweak it regularly as new information comes to light and keep on marching forward. Before you know it, things will get back to normal and you will get back into your ‘normal grove’.

During change, go with the flow, accept the uncertainties that you may feel, work your plan and celebrate your successes. You will be glad you did!

Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.

Tom Barrett

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