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Thank you for registering for our up-coming Coffee and Conversations Business Group!  We are looking forward to connecting with you each month for the next 10 months.

Our Focus

Our focus throughout the next 10 months aims to explore how we, as business leaders can manage the sprints and marathons we experience in our businesses.  We will also explore how to accelerate your revenue to grow your business by identifying the right products/services to offer and who is your ideal client.

Our Meeting Times

Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month (Thursday am in Australia) from April 2017 – February 2018.

We will meet for 2 hours once a month for 10 months.  (8 am Pacific, 11 am Eastern, 4pm GMT, 1 am AEDT Thursday).

We will connect via video-conference so we can see and interact together more effectively.

Here’s a preliminary schedule for our discussionstraining.RedCalendar

Add the dates into your calendar today so you don’t double book yourself!  We will also send you a calendar message shortly.

April 26, 2017     Planning in a Purposeful Way — Connect to your Personal and Professional Values

May 19, 2017        Developing You —    Identify high vs. low value tasks, and discusses tactics to free up time for high priority items, including how to say ‘no.’

June 28, 2019     Being Remarkable — A look at the elements in your business offering and service delivery experience that are truly unique.  You will gain clarity about the ideal client profile.

July 26, 2017       Pursuing Bigger Dips — Takes time to analyze all opportunities and projects, and make sure the right high value ones are being pursued.

August 23, 2017   No Shortcuts — Helps make better use of small windows of time during the day, and better align daily work to longer term goals.

September 27, 2017   Business Designer — Revisit past client successes with a new lens of innovation.  We will introduce “design thinking” to help look at client offerings in an expanded, client-focused way.

October 25, 2017   Planning at All Levels —  This month we will Analyze tasks across 6 time horizons, and re-evaluate priorities based on more accurate timelines.

November 22, 2017  Are You Listening? — This topic challenges the group to consider whether they are asking the right questions during the client sales discovery phase, and identifies new ways to engage and connect with clients from pre- to post- sales stages.  Managers will also explore whether they are engaging their employees.

No December Meeting

January 24, 2017   Expansive Thinking — This topic will challenge the group to think beyond the “obvious” quick solution and take time to better understand and meet their clients’ needs.

February 28, 2017  Business Spring Cleaning — We will focus on analyzing where new process efficiencies are needed, and how to let go of old habits in order to embrace new changes.


How Our Program will Occur

  1. At the beginning of the program we will connect for a short overview of the Actionable Conversations clock tEREUy1vSfuSu8LzTop3_IMG_2538Platform we will use to share the pre-reading material and for you to use to record your activity on the daily micro-learning plan.
  2. At the beginning of the program will invited to join the Private Facebook Group.
  3. In advance of each meeting you will receive an invitation to the conversation through the Actionable Conversation platform and access to the pre-reading synopsis.  This synopsis will be the ignition point for our facilitated discussion.
  4. Each month you will connect to the Virtual Conference room via a Zoom Link.
    1. You will require
      1. a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera
      2. wi-fi connection  or phone line
      3. headset with microphone   (please do not connect using your computer speaker to limit background noise)
      4. Your mastermind journal & note pad to take notes.
  5.  Our meeting agenda (tentative)
    1. Quick Updates   (15 minutes)
    2. Facilitated Discussion (45 minutes)
    3. Ignition Seat – 3 participants (max. 15 minutes each)
    4. Setting Goals and Action Items
  6. After our meeting, you will receive a link to record your actionable micro-learning action plan.
  7. Then each day for the next 30 days you will check into the platform app to record your daily assessment.  (Don’t forget to set up the daily reminder email or SMS message).
  8. Don’t forget to check in on the Facebook Group to share insights, progress, ask questions or ask for help in moving forward.  Your Program Leader will be available on the group to answer questions and share ideas and resources.

Program Resources

As promised here are the additional resources I promised as part of your registration to Coffee and Conversations:

E-book copy of “The Winning Way”, a 2014 Best Selling book written by Catherine Rocheleau, Brian Tracy and other business leaders around the globe.   Download your copy.

A copy of the all-time best selling book about masterminds, written by Napoleon Hill — “Think and Grow Rich”.  Download your copy

Your Mastermind Journal  Use this journal to set goals for the program and for each month, track thoughts, progress, accomplishments and more!  Download your copy


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to connect with me.

Catherine Rocheleau, MBA Founder & CEO

Catherine Rocheleau, MBA
Founder & CEO


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