Group Coaching/Training

Learn and grow in a virtual group setting

If you’ve made a decision that you are ready to be coached, group coaching sessions have many benefits over our executive leadership coaching option. Coaching is for you if you have made the decision to change your approach to leadership, engage your team, restructure or grow your business, or implement new products or services. We can help you fulfill your potentialenhance your performancenavigate your transformation in a group setting. Allow others to witness your process, and learn by watching others in your group.

Challenges our clients face

Our group coaching clients tell is they faced some of these challenges before they started our coaching sessions:

  • I feel it’s time to make great strides forward
  • I want to grow my business but I keep doing the same things and not moving forward
  • I am frustrated or feeling isolated in my career/business
  • I am open to the support and ideas others can bring to the table
  • I have never worked with an executive business coach, but I want to see how it can help
  • I don’t want to make excuses because I keep missing the mark
  • I am in the first two years of my business and want to know I have a solid foundation to grow
  • I’m working too many hours – I want more time for my family, friends and life.

Recent studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth,change and development in the individual, group and organization.” ― HR Monthly

Results Lead to Transformation

Like every program we run, we want to know you have achieved your goals.  A group coaching program provides you with the best of two worlds — working on your projects/goals at your pace but with the added support and accountability from other participants.   In fact, did you know, people who participate in group coaching programs are more successful than many who receive private coaching?   It sounds counter-intuitive but no one wants to share their goals and action plans with their peers only to report back that they didn’t do the work!  This perceived peer pressure is a postive self-motivator!

As a participant, you know have access to the insights, knowledge and perspectives of more than just your coach to help you face challenging situations.  Each coaching session brings many minds together and you benefit!  No reason to keep the blinkers on — instead open up and take in the value and share your successes!

When you make commitments and take the action to fulfill these commitments, you will achieve results!  Your Coach and group participants will help you keep track of your progress, and ensure you push through obstacles to achieve the results and transformation you want!

What’s stopping you?    Can we help you get the focus you need to start group coaching?

Book a complimentary call so we can determine your biggest challenge or the goal you want to achieve, and what options will best help you get there!

Our Group Coaching Program Options

Ignite Velocity

If you are new to coaching, or not quite ready for private coaching options, and you are motivated to achieve rapid V for Velocityresults and business growth this 6 month group coaching program is designed for you.  One thing is for sure… When you are committed to your own success, this program will deliver!

You will receive 1:1 coaching in a group setting allowing everyone to learn from every coaching interaction.  More often than not, others have similar challenges and listening to their coaching session can bring you big “ahas”. Why struggle trying to grow your business alone when you can receive feedback and gain insights and ideas from others?  Sharing helps reduce the time it takes to move forward and with a lot less stress.

Just by participating in this program you are setting yourself up to achieve more because you have have invested in yourself.  When you invest in yourself, you keep yourself accountable to your goals.  Daily check ins, online discussions and learning sessions are proven to keep you on track and help you bring your brilliance to the world.

Why delay your goals and the results you have set for yourself?

What will change if you keep doing what you’ve always done?

Book a complimentary Ignite Business Assessment Call so we can explore if Velocity is right for you.

Ignite Momentum

Ignite Momentum in your business with this 12 month group coaching program designed for purpose-driven, heart-centered professionals, executives and business owners who recognize how coaching can boost their job satisfaction, confidence, Momentum Mleadership skill, communication and performance.  It is also ideal if your organization wants to support the leadership development of key employees and leaders.

Not only is coaching in a group setting  an affordable and time effective alternative to private coaching, it offers you access to the ideas, insights and feedback from your peers and your Coach.  Just like in a mastermind,  Momentum eliminates blindspots so you can continue your journey, have greater successes and be more sustainable over time. Don’t be a statistic – less than 6% of entrepreneurs make 6 figure incomes.  Our goal is to help you grow business on purpose to 6 – 7 figures.

Each member of the program has unique strengths and backgrounds.   Under the guidance of your Coach, you and your peers stay connected, support and encourage each other and navigate your individual and collective journey together.  You are never in business alone.  Together we, as a group, are more than the sum of our individual parts.  The Ignite Momentum program is designed to help you build velocity so you can continue the momentum for the long-term in a pro-active and sustainable way.

You begin this program with a plan and together we will work your plan to advance you toward your goals.  As you accomplish one goal, we set another so the momentum we gain is sustained and builds.  Like an elite athlete, we are able to draw out and enhance your unique skills and attributes so you “up your game”.  We also identify areas where you can make changes and alter the results in your favour.

If elite athletes benefit from a coach, why shouldn’t a business owner, executive or professional?

What does inaction cost you?

Complete our no-obligation application.  This will allow us to chat and determine if the Momentum program is right for you.

How our programs work

When you join our group coaching program, you’ll get immediate access to the following resources:

  • An introductory focus session with your coach to help you set your goals and focus your energies during the program
  • Access to three x one-hour conference calls per month
  • Access to recordings of all conference calls, so you can listen to a replay and glean more value
  • Access to a private online group discussion board, allowing you to
    • connect with other participants between sessions
    • obtain feedback, brainstorm or discuss issues
    • share resources and ideas
  • Copies of our proven Business Journal to help keep you focused, on track and linking daily actions with mid- and long-term goals.
  • Access to our online portal where you will find worksheets and exercises to keep you focused and progressing
  • Help from your executive leadership coach between calls, so you can stay accountable to your goals
  • A mid-point check-in session (30 minute) for the Velocity Program or
  • Quarterly check-in sessions (30 minute) during the Momentum Program
  • A 30 minute group follow-up session 3-4 weeks after the end of your program

How is group coaching different from our executive leadership coaching?

Group CoachingPrivate 1:1 Coaching
Virtual Setting
Coaching occurs in a group setting via telephone or video-conference.
 Video conferencing calls offers the next best option to in-person sessions
Virtual or In-Person
Most private coaching is conducted vial video-conference. In person sessions are possible.
Great Value
You may have a small issue one week and a larger question another week — this format makes each session great value when these fluctuations occur.
In Depth Value
Your coach is focused only on you and what you want to achieve.
-- Together with your Coach, you can work on specific issues, challenges, and opportunities with full confidentiality and with the focus solely on your needs.
-- You have more liberal access to your Coach directly between coaching sessions.
Shared Learning with Cumulative Value
Group participants listen in as each person is coached on their issue.
-- You learn by hearing others being coached on their issues. Many participants have similar concerns/issues.
In Depth Learning
-- Privacy allows you to work on confidential or sensitive issues with your Coach in a safe and positive environment.
-- Even if the coach is hired by your organization, your Coach will help you meet your personal & professional development goals which dovetail into organizational goals
-- You are accountable to yourself in order to reach your goals and dreams.
-- Our accountability portal offers a group discussion board for additional feedback and support between calls.
-- You are accountable to taking action to achieve your goals - but you are not alone. Your Coach is your accountability partner.
-- Our Accountability Portal offers an opportunity to track and monitor your own progress, access resources and interaction with your Coach.
Diversity adds Dimension
The diversity of the group adds to your expericence, with a mastermind effect.
Singular Focus
Your Coach is trained to delve deeper, and explore ideas/concepts
Very Affordable
Costs are spread evenly between the entire group, lowering individual participant price point.
A Premium Program
As you would expect, private coaching has a higher price point yet you have more liberal access to your Coach. The person centred focus offers exceptional value. Most participants achieve more and faster than those in group coaching.
-- You can attend every coaching call, some of the calls or only part of a call, depending on your schedule.
-- You can ask questions in advance and your Coach can respond, even if you aren't on the call.
We schedule appointments to fit your schedule.
-- If an urgent issue arises, you can request a change in your coaching schedule.
-- You can adjust the length of calls to ensure they meet your needs at that time.
-- You direct the agenda of each session.
Recorded Calls
-- Re-listening to a call allows you to review your session and gleen more value and insights.
-- You can stay focused on your coaching session without the need to take notes.
Sessions are Recorded
-- Recordings allow you to remain present and an active participant during the session, rather than focused on taking notes. Later you can listen to the session to extract more value and insights.

Tips on how to get the most out of your group coaching sessions

Set Your IntentionsGain clarity on where you want to go, what you want to achieve, and why!
Prepare and PlanOnce clear on what you want to achieve, we will work on your action plan, the processes needed, and who is needed to help you realize your vision.
Be AccountableAs you implement your action plans, you will remain accountable to yourself. Each week you will complete your weekly debrief so we can be effective as your accountability partner. Bring your questions, concerns, challenges to each session and we can help you breakthrough your own glass ceiling and activate the next steps.
Review & RejigOur on-going sessions offer support as you make any necessary adjustments in your action plans. Our collaborative review process will offer insights and feedback, to keep you moving forward.
Keep Focused & On TrackDay to day operations can challenge the best of us and lead us astray. Our online discussion board, biweekly calls and tools provide the framework to maintain a strategic focus on deliverables and outcomes. Most of all, you are part of a cohort who share your desire to succeed, and achieve more!

Our Unique Accountability Portal

Accountability is the golden key to reaching long term goals.  In your day to day life, longer-term goals or those ‘want to do’ but not ‘have to do’ items frequently fall down the priority list.  It’s time to change that and make room on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so they become your successes not your regrets.

Our online accountability portal is designed to help you break the procrastination habit, remain engaged with your group and your own coaching goals to ensure you achieve greater results consistently throughout the program.

The Accountability portal features daily tracking, discussion forums, support from peers and your coach, tools and resources.  The accountability portal offers measurable tracking of your actions and results during our time together.  Every coaching assignment includes access to our accountability portal.

Private group option

Contact us to discuss this option if you and your friends / colleagues would like to have a more private setting. A private group requires a minimum of six, and we will do our best to book sessions to fit your schedule where possible.

Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want more out of life.” ― Chicago Tribune

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 Are you ready to propel forward?

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