Behaviour Assessment


Optimizing for success

Making sure you have the right people doing the right jobs to optimize their satisfaction and achievements is critical to the success of your company. Having a behaviour assessment conducted on your team members is an easy way to ensure high performance.


Challenges our clients face

We often recommend a behaviour assessment to our clients when they have the following concerns:

  • We are hiring for a new position and want to find the right person the first time
  • We have a high performance team and a tool to leverage its success
  • We want to improve productivity
  • Morale is lagging and needs a boost.
  • Is morale lagging & needs a boost?


What is the TTI Success Insights™ Assessment?

Success Insights™ Behaviour Assessment , developed by The Target Training International, provides a highly validated, personal report that includes unique information regarding the respondent’s behaviour. This valuable feedback helps both leaders and team members to leverage behaviour for success.

 A versatile management tool

Success Insights has helped thousands of organizations get it right the first time:

  • Hire the right employee
  • Revitalize current employees
  • Improve communication
  • Build strong employee-manager relationships
  • Resolve conflict.

Why have a TTI Success Insights assessment done with your team?

  • Knowing and understanding behaviours of team members is the key to successful team management and the personal growth of each team member.
  • Improves communication
  • Allows you to leverage behaviour traits for team success
  • Helps you hire theright employee the first time
  • Offers valuable feedback and insights to team members:
    • to boost productivity
    • improve sagging morale
    • guide communication for greater effectiveness.
    • build positive relationships
    • achieve better goal attainment and more
  • Facilitates leadership development,coaching, and mentoring

 How it works

The assessment requires only ten minutes of each participant’s time to answer the online questionnaire.

comprehensive, personalized report is provided to each participant with the results of their behaviour assessment and includes information about the following:

  • General characteristics
  • Value to the organization
  • Checklist for communicating
  • Dont’s on communicating
  • Communication tips
  • Preferred work environment
  • Perceptions
  • Natural and adaptive style (based on four quadrants of behaviour)
  • Keys to motivating and managing
  • Areas for improvement
  • Action plan
  • Behavioural hierarchy
  • Success Insights™ wheel

We conduct a thorough debrief of the report (individual or group as appropriate). We know from experience that this assessment is a strong foundation for successful coaching to maximize your strengths and achieve goals (both your own and those of the organization you work for).


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