Christmas trivia test

I received this from Peter Legge this morning and had to share it with you… enjoy!

1. The carol “Silent Night” made its debut in 1816 in a church in Austria. Its inaugural performance was on a:

a) Magnificent pipe organ
b) Harpsichord
c) Violin
d) Guitar
2. The story “The Greatest Gift” became the basis for what classic Christmas movie?
a) Miracle on 34th Street
b) A Christmas Story
c) It’s a Wonderful Life
d) Going My Way
3. There was snow that first Christmas:
a) Only in Bethlehem
b) All over Israel
c) Nowhere in Israel
d) In the hills where the angels appeared to the shepherds
4. What is a “heavenly host”?
a) The angel who invites people into heaven
b) The angel who serves refreshments in heaven
c) An angel choir
d) An angel army
5. Who saw the “star in the east”?wisemen
a) Shepherds
b) Mary and Joseph
c) Three Kings
d) Both A and C
e) None of the above
6. Which Christmas film character said, “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.”
a) George Bailey
b) Fred Gailey
c) Father O’Malley
d) Clarence the angel
7. In Canada, what is the address and postal code for Santa Claus?_______________
8. Which of these famous individuals was NOT born on December 25?
a) R.L. Ripley (Believe It or Not)
b) Humphrey Bogart (“Here’s looking at you kid.”)
c) Conrad Hilton (the hotel guy)
d) Jesus
9. How many Christmas cards does the average American household send each year?
a) 15
b) 28
c) 10
d) 42
10. In 1996 one national retailer sold 50,000 of these popular Christmas toys in four hours. Which toy was it?
a) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
b) Furby
c) Tickle Me Elmo
d) Pokemon



Answer Key:
1.d  2.c  3.c  4.d  5.e (The wise men, not three kings did) 6.b  7. Santa Claus, North Pole H0H 0H0 8.d  9.b  10.c

Peter Legge O.B.C. is Chairman / CEO of Canada Wide Media Limited, a $30-million publishing company based in Vancouver with a staff of 140. Peter learned from his father that the best reward is service to the community. Peter has received two honorary doctorate degrees from Simon Fraser University and Royal Roads University, and most recently received an honorary doctorate of technology from BCIT. In June of 2008, Peter was presented with the highest honour in his province, The Order of British Columbia, for his lifelong commitment to the community. He is the author of 15 books and considered one of North America’s top 20 speakers.

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