Sharing an Experience

Last week I had the honour of being a guest on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland.  I travelled to Hollywood CA to the CBS Television City studios.  It was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share the full interview with everyone.  It is now being edited and will air in early 2017.

Here is the Facebook Live video that was shared at the end of taping…


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Do You Promote Your Business?

On Friday I took the opportunity to watch the farewell of Barbara Walters after a long and successful career as a journalist.   She made a comment during her farewell special which really resonated with me.   Barbara said that she always took the opportunity to promote her specials, interviews and programs because, if no one watched, what was the purpose of doing them?

I cannot count how many times I have had clients and colleagues tell me that they did not Buzz_SMiles_freereally promote themselves… only to wonder why they didn’t achieve the results they anticipated.  Barbara’s words really resonated with me because I too have failed to self-promote my business efforts at different times over the past 2 decades.

A few tips for promoting your business, products and services can include

  1. Use Social Media posts
    • Write a blog post and cross promote on other media channels
      • If you write a blog for someone else, don’t forget to promote it in your social media channels.
    • Create conversation on Facebook –  discuss challenges customers would have that your product/service solves
    • Tweet and redirect people to your website, landing page through probing questions, comments rather than direct self-promotion
  2. Articles or promotional piece in your newsletter and send to your
  3. If you are speaking to groups, writing a book, getting news exposure
    • Tell everyone in advance so they can help promote you or attend the event for added support.
    • Sell from the stage or promote your business through stories/case studies when speaking
    • Share your website
    • Create a free offer to encourage people to get on your list so you can keep in touch.
  4. Build relationships with new customers or people of influence at networking events
    • Leave the selling to a later time… network at these events – don’t sell.

If no one knows you and your business exist, and what your product or service can solve, why are you doing what you do?  How much revenue, success, or opportunity are you letting pass you by?

From personal experience, I have realized revenue increases in double digits just by sharing business opportunities, programs and events which then attract clients.   My clients have who take pro-active steps when I recommend they to focus on revenue every week realize similar results.

If you experience a roller coaster in revenues or attracting new customers, its time to take stock of what regular activities you are taking to promote what you do.

What are some of the things you can do every week to keep yourself, your business and products/services in front of new and existing clients to keep revenues coming in steadily and growing?

Speaking Lineup– ESN Winter Expo

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Announcing… Ignite Your Social Media – A Guide for Professionals

I am really excited to (finally) announce the release of my latest book —  “Ignite Your Social Media — A Guide for Professionals”.

This book has gone from concept to reality over the past year.  Prompted by a friend and colleague because I understood this medium as a communication channel and I was successfully using social media to drive business.  At first my reaction was “I can’t write a book on social media because I’m not a social media expert.”  In response to this I heard from colleagues that they recognized I understood the challenges they face with time, privacy, professional ethics and image.

I then agreed it was a void I had to fill!  Over the past 4 months I have researched, learned and shared information and experiences with social media from a professional’s perspective.

 In typical “Catherine” fashion, “Ignite Your Social Media” is organized for effective use and filled with high-value information and engagingly-shared personal experiences.

This is a book designed to offer a clear business perspective and operational guidelines to what may have seemed daunting (or frivolous) to the business owner/entrepreneur.

In a business climate where “risky is the new safe”, this book will get you past your fears. Well done, Catherine!

                              Bonnie Sainsbury, LeftBrain-Media & social media guru

Here is an excerpt….

Who to connect with?

The purpose of social media is to have ¯followers or ¯connections, people with whom you communicate.  Without followers your communication on social media would be no different than talking to a blank wall.  The goal is to establish two way conversations.

Who you accept in your social network, or who you follow, is voluntary.  Every person on social media is there to connect with others.  Unfortunately, there are also spammers who follow everyone and inundate your ‘inbox’ with useless messages or offer illicit or malicious content. Most social networks have a way to report spammers and/or have a way for you to block them from following you.  You can also stop following them.

Social media is effective only when you grow your list of connections.  When you start out, you can search for friends, colleagues or others you know who are using social media and follow or invite them to connect.  This lets them know you are now part of the community.  Many will follow back or accept your invitation, particularly if they know you.  If they don’t, don’t despair – others will join your community.  Just be patient and keep at it.

For example, during my first five months on Twitter, my list of followers was slow to grow, going from 0 to 70.  It seemed to plateau at that level for awhile and then it began to grow again, increasing to 500 within the year and 1000 within 2 years. Growth is continual.  My Facebook friends increased slowly but steadily, but many were not engaged while others were prolific.  When I began to really use LinkedIn, the number of connections grew steadily, and the sphere of connections also expanded a lot.  I now try and connect on all social media platforms with people I have met so that we can keep connected beyond our face to face meetings.

Social media is not a media.  The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.

David Alston

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Are Your Marketing Messages Connecting You with Your Ideal Client?

Today I attended the Business in Vancouver Business Excellence series event on Marketing.  This event was a great opportunity to connect with new people in a wide variety of industries but also to hear more about how three very different companies are facing current marketing challenges. [Read more…]

Stop By to Say Hello

I am excited to share the upcoming Entrepreneurial Success Network.   I will be one of the 75 exhibitors.  I’m excited to say that I will be  sharing my newest programs and products at some show stopping prices!!

You can help me have a bigger impact on the lives of 6 young women in Northern Ghana (Girls to School Project)    5% of all sales will be donated to this great project!!

I hope you will come by my booth and say hello!  I look forward to seeing you there! [Read more…]

New Resource for Biz Professionals

Every day I hear clients and colleagues describe how their efforts on social media are underwhelming, frustrating or why they don’t have time to learn how to use it.  Is this you?

I was an early adopter with social media and I learned as I went along.  Because I was using a variety of  social media platforms and learned quickly, I have been asked by clients, colleagues, and friends to help them. [Read more…]

Insider Secrets – Book of the Month

Building a strong network is key in business today.  Many business owners, and professional, undervalue what their network has to offer.  If we look at the most successful people, they have all created a very strong network — people they know who offer advice, feedback, support, or help them advance their career or conduct business faster and easier. [Read more…]

Marketing Shifts to Grow Your Business in 2012

Our Ignite Leaders Membership Call will be

held on December 9th at 11 am PST!

 This call is open to everyone, as my gift to you! 

Topic:    4 Marketing Shifts That Will Help You Quickly Grow Your Own Radiant Business in 2012

Guest Speaker:  Wendy Burge, Radiant Edge Consulting [Read more…]

Make Your Competition Irrelevant

The best seller, Blue Ocean Strategy – How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant will be discussed at the up-coming Make It Business Bookclub meeting in Vancouver – October 6.

Join Matt Chong (@mjmchong) as he guides us through discussions on how to succeed in business today without battling your competitors.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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