I Took the Ice Bucket Challenge

This weekend, I was challenged by my sister living on the East Coast to take the ALS Society’s Ice Bucket Challenge.  She also challenged my niece (her daughter) and my other sister — so we all accepted!

ALS is such a horrible diagnosis.  I have known 2 people with this disease and it was terrible to see and hear of the decline in their health.  Therefore, in addition to taking the challenge, I have also made a $50 donation to the ALS Society as part of my More Than Green (TM) approach.

I have now challenged the following three people to participate

1. Paul Holden, CEO – Burnaby Board of Trade
2. Susan Scott Gabe — Managing Director – Care At Home Services Inc.
3. Maureen McKinnon — CEO – McKinnon & Associates

If you haven’t been challenged yet, you don’t have to wait… I’m happy to challenge you too!

Myths Unveiled

Here is another nutrition month handout for you to enjoy.

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Bust the Myths

March is Nutrition Month.   As a Registered Dietitian by profession, I thought it would be fun to share some nutrition resources with you throughout the month.

Nutrition is a key component of healthy living.  The intake of each person is swayed by family, friends, media and information on the internet — and myths abound.  How do you know the myth from the truth?

I will be sharing a variety of Myth-busting handouts, each with a yummy recipe, throughout the month in my blog and in my ezine.  Sign up for my ezine  (part of the leadership kit above) today to receive the full set!

This first issue includes two handouts.

One first handout explains why choosing a  Dietitian is a smart choice.

The second handout features a variety of common nutrition myths and the truths behind them!