The Power of Many

Are you feeling stale in your job?
Do you have a sense of uninspired leadership?
Are you isolated or feeling unsupported?

If you answered yes, our Leadership Mastermind programs are for you.

A mastermind group is also referred to as a peer mentoring group or personal board of directors. Napoleon Hill shared the concept in his book “Think and Grow Rich” [Read more…]

Mindset & Change

This week I was reminded how quickly things change.  I was working with a client who was experiencing change so quickly they began to feel overwhelmed.    This professional is highly proficient in their career and has a successful business.  No one is immune to these situations.
Together we worked on the priorities and identified the greatest opportunities, what could be delegated and what needed a quick fix.   My client was very positive and open to the changes and his goal was to remain on the forward edge.   In the end his plan to manage these changes were clear and his stress level was in check. [Read more…]

Write it Down & Achieve Success

Do you journal regularly?  Have you tried it and then gradually ‘fall out of habit’?  Well, you are not alone!
Journalling does require you to create a new habit but it’s a habit is strongly linked to success.  Who’s success — yours, if you journal.

A look at successful leaders throughout time reveals they all journal in some way.  Journalling help them gain the clarity of their vision, learn from successes and mistakes, and capture ideas when the iron strikes.  Proponents of journalling state that putting pen to paper to write your vision and goals, sets a stronger intention and makes them seem more real than if you were to type that information into a computer.  I have to agree with this suggestion.  Every year I write (or draw) my plan for the year and all the milestones I want to achieve.  I tried using a mindmap software program and writing my list of goals, also using the computer.  After about 2 months I realized that I didn’t have a strong connection to my plan and went back to pen and paper (and colouring pencils) and copied the information from the computer on to the paper.  After this change, I was much more connected and successful in achieving what I set out to accomplish. [Read more…]

Do You Plan Your Business or Work in Chaos?

During a recent networking event, the group had a discussion about business planning and why it is important to business success. I was pleased, and somewhat surprised by how many people in the group actually had a written business plan.  I’m sure our discussion spurred on the others to get started.

At one point in the discussion we talked about how rapidly things change and this can force you to review and retweek your plan.  That’s life!  Things change — and its good they do!  Would you want to get stuck in the same ol’ rut?  Don’t leave things to chance.  Take the lead and work your plan.  You’ll love the results.

[Read more…]

How You Think Affects Your Success

In the past few weeks, as I have been preparing for the launch of this website, I realized how open I was to new ways of doing things.  I had suggestions and ideas coming at me from a variety of qualified people and I found myself explaining what I was planning, listening  to their responses and then making decisions that ultimately helped me make better decisions.  So much for knowing what I wanted!

I recognized that my success was more important to me than pushing aside the ideas from others so I made sure I kept my mind open to everything that was offered – whether or not I finally implemented the suggestions.  This situation reminded me of an old blog post which I thought I would share with you again.

How many times have you met someone who was so set in their thinking that they miss out on new and unique opportunities or get left behind in their field?  In contrast, what about the person who is always open to learning new things, willing to try, rides the tides of change and manoeuvres the bumps in the road?  Most of us have a mindset that is probably somewhere in between.  Our mindset is developed over time and is fostered through our values and the messages we receive from our environment.  Our ability to adapt to change is also significantly impacted by our mindset. [Read more…]

Tides of Change

Change is a constant.  There are many commonalities in how business owners, leaders, organizations and industries are dealing with this reality but there are also many differences.  Some organizations are internalizing the changes (looking inward and identifying ways to restructure, identify efficiencies, and plan for the future), while other organizations are looking outward for support and ideas in addition to looking inward.  It doesn’t matter if the organization is large or small, there are examples of both approaches in each category.

Some of the changes that are happening include:

  • hiring freezes resulting in existing employees to taking on more work.
  • reorganization of duties between employees.
  • lay-offs and closures, which impact the morale of the organization.
  • cut-backs or discontinued funding for projects or programmes.
  • revisiting the organizational vision and strategic objectives
  • shortening the horizon of the strategic plan (from the traditional 3-5 years into shorter term objectives)

What changes are you experiencing in your organization or industry?  What trends are you seeing?  Will these trends impact how you do business?  Is there a better approach — internal vs external?

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