When Opportunity Knocks, Do You Answer?


1  : a favourable juncture of circumstances 

2  : a good chance for advancement or progress

How do you view today’s economy?  Do you view our economy pessimistically or do you see the glass half full – with the current economy offering you an array of opportunities to create business and grow.

There is no doubt that times have been challenging and the debt load held by countries and people alike leave many facing cut-backs, lay-offs. loss of homes and stability. Despite recessions and challenging TimeisMoney_Phaitoon_ID-10072145economic times, there are many opportunities available.  As the economy picks up, the opportunities continue to grow and evolve.

As the definition above indicates, an opportunity may be a juncture where you connect with someone or something that opens a door to something new or different.   Ultimately, an opportunity will allow you to move forward in some way if you capitalize on it.

I strongly believe that when one door closes, another opens!  The key is whether you are open to what is presented, and if you actually see it!  Many businesses I have worked with have failed to recognize how a situation they are facing is advantageous and could help them grow and prosper.  I came in to assist with the change process as they re positioned themselves.   I have watched other businesses struggle to maintain the status quo when the environment around them was changing quickly and they weren’t keeping up.  They didn’t recognize what key decisions were needed and failed to reach out for help from others.  The result… the competition left them in their dust.

An opportunity can only move you forward when you take action. Action begins with making a decision. Contemplating an opportunity without making a decision will leave you stuck in the same place.  On the positive side, taking time to make a decision does allow you an opportunity to evaluate your options but you cannot reap the benefits until you make a decision to take advantage of it.

Not all opportunities are the right ones for you.  An opportunity should allow you to grow. Opportunities frequently push you into new areas and this new arena will most likely be outside your comfort zone.  Growth requires you to step up, think outside the box or accept managed risk.


What opportunities are on your horizon? 

What steps do you have to take to capitalize on these opportunities? 

5 tips to Attract the Right Employee

I recently assisted a client to recruit a manager in their organization.  It was the second time they were recruiting in the past 6 months.  The successful candidate from the first hire decided the job was not a good fit for them and their career aspirations.   The employee was a great candidate,  met all the criteria and was excited to work in a progressive organization.   Within 4 months the new manager realized this was not their dream job and a wrong fit career-wise.  The employer was simultaneously realizing the same things, and the manager submitted their resignation.   Its a sad ending to an otherwise good process.  Having to rehire so soon does impact overall productivity and team dynamics within the business, and costs money.  Unfortunately, this scenario is more common that you may think.

There are many things you, as an employer, can do to ensure you hire the right person for the right job.  For the second round of hiring, my client and I obtained good feedback from the current manager to ensure we selected a candidate who would embrace the position and its diversity.  This involved revamping interview and reference check questions to focus on some of the really unique areas of the position and the innovative side of the candidate.  The job description was reviewed and clearly reflected the role with a few minor tweaks.   The interview process really differentiated the candidates and my client feels confident this new candidate will be a strong fit.  The candidate welcomes the opportunity to expand their role outside normal parameters too.

In a recent article by Doug Donald, sent to me by vancouverjobshop.ca, Donald shared the following tips so you can stand out in today’s workforce.

“1. Get your name out there – Push your brand out through as many channels as possible to show potential employees what you do and what it’s like toVacancy ID-10033581 work for you. Use social media to post pictures of happy employees and new products, comments about your company’s mission and vision, and posts announcing promotions and events. Build a strategy that creates a strong impression of why it’s great to work for your company.

2. Write a compelling job description – State clearly what the job entails and avoid internal jargon that may confuse outsiders. The highest quality workers want opportunities to advance and contribute immediately. Whenever possible present each job as an opportunity to work in a team environment, learn and take one’s career a step forward. Briefly talk about your organization’s culture, employee accomplishments and other highlights. Mention employee benefits, too.

3. Show them the money – Great employees are worth what they earn, and their value only increases the longer they work for you. If you’re serious about getting the right people, be willing to pay them what’s competitive for their services.

4. Make it easy to apply – If you’ve filled out an online job application recently you know how frustrating it can be to enter and re-enter information. It’s especially aggravating when technology fails and you lose even a portion of the application. Don’t lose a great hire simply because your competitor’s application process is easier – make yours as easy and intuitive as possible.

5. Be human – Be friendly when communicating with applicants and put people at ease when they visit for an interview. Introduce them to other employees and provide a tour of your workspace so they can form a mental picture of themselves working there.”


What action steps do you have to take today to ensure you recruit the right person tomorrow?

Take Action Ignite Profits

How prepared are you for the summer?

Will your business slow down and impact your income? 


If you are like many entrepreneurs, you will experience fluctuations in your revenues, depending on what product or service you offer, the habits of your clients, and your marketing efforts.

People will do business with you if they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.  Developing this KLT can be challenging if you are spending all of your time StudyBuddy2working IN your business instead of ON your business.

The summer months frequently result in a much slower pace … an ideal opportunity to take action to revamp internal systems, create new programs or products, plan for the Fall, or take on new business!

Why wait till September when you can profit today?

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Is Failure an Option or Rite of Passage?

Best selling author and entrepreneurial guru Seth Godin once said,

“If failure is not an option then neither is success.” 

This week has been one of great successes and some frustration along the way!  I always set the bar high and when I fall short I do experience some frustration.  The challenges I faced this week were not failures but set-backs.  Does this sound familiar?  Many of my clients experience similar situations but together we identify options to overcome the obstacles and breakthrough to new heights!

As a business owner and business coach with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, I know I certainly don’t set out to fail.  This doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced some failures – as most successful business leaders will attest to.  Instead my focus is always set on success – for me and my clients.  By design, I have achieved more success than failure, even when I have made significant changes in my business.  The results I achieve reflect the effort and planning I put into my success.

Powered By YouI frequently tell potential clients “Failure is not an option”.  When I work with my clients we focus on what is working for them, what is not and the changes that are necessary to make the transition so they achieve the desired results. In each situation we hit our fair share of challenges and it can cause trepidation, uncertainty or new setbacks.  I stick with them and in every case, together we break-through to achieve success.

Seth Godin’s also said,

“The goal has never been to always succeed; the goal is to be allowed to keep initiating.  

This is the secret that is often lost on many entrepreneurs or business leaders. If you keep on doing what you are doing today, you will keep getting the same results… well, not necessarily. Change happens all around you, and it doesn’t stop.  If your business is successful today, but the market changes, you most likely won’t be successful later unless you make changes too.  If you are struggling today, the same holds true. Change is needed to change your results.

Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have two key habits in common. These two habits increase their focus, commitment and the results they achieve.

1.   Focus on Your Target.

On Target  Success will remain elusive if you are not clear on what it is you want to achieve.  Are your goals SMART (specific, measureable, actionable, realistic and time-specific)?  Are they written?  Are they integrated into your weekly, monthly and quarterly action plans?  Do you take time to reflect on your goals, the results and if actions are taking you where you want to be?

If you answered no to any one of these questions then you are leaving success to chance.  Business leaders use journaling as a tool to integrate all of these requirements into a fast, effective method that also has been shown to increase productivity and ease decision-making.

2. Stay Connected with Your Network.

You have a circle of friends, colleagues, business advisors, mentors, suppliers and your database of customers or others interested in what you have to say.  This network is one of the most powerful and valuable tools you have available tGet Connectedo build a successful business.  The key is staying connected to each person in your network.
Take time each day to connect with three people. These people may be new contacts, acquaintances you haven’t spoken to in awhile or someone who is a key supporter.

Networking events are one way to connect.  Follow up after events with each person, and personalize your communications with them.  Explore what you can do for them!  Add value to your message by offering something of interest to your contact – a current article, a tool, a referral.

Next, create a system that will allow you to stay connected.  One colleague I met sends out a letter every month and includes a 1 page article of interest or tips that he believes colleagues and potential clients may find useful.  A newsletter, personal emails, a quick phone call, or an invitation for coffee or lunch are all options you can use to stay connected.

Set-backs or failures are a natural part of the road to success. If you want to grow your business or advance your career and enjoy greater success, integrate these two leadership habits into your day and enjoy the benefits that follow.

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