Are Your Marketing Messages Connecting You with Your Ideal Client?

Today I attended the Business in Vancouver Business Excellence series event on Marketing.  This event was a great opportunity to connect with new people in a wide variety of industries but also to hear more about how three very different companies are facing current marketing challenges. [Read more…]

Stop By to Say Hello

I am excited to share the upcoming Entrepreneurial Success Network.   I will be one of the 75 exhibitors.  I’m excited to say that I will be  sharing my newest programs and products at some show stopping prices!!

You can help me have a bigger impact on the lives of 6 young women in Northern Ghana (Girls to School Project)    5% of all sales will be donated to this great project!!

I hope you will come by my booth and say hello!  I look forward to seeing you there! [Read more…]

That Little Voice

Every day I work with people who are bright, successful and “go-getters” yet their vulnerabilities have a huge impact on their lives.  Unlike those who do not experience success, these business leaders and entrepreneurs recognize they have an insight that enables them to continue.

The Gremlin

Gremlins-Wallpapers-Movie-HD-1080p-2Everyone has that little voice which questions what you are doing, instills doubt or tries to talk you into the safe option instead of taking a risk to

grow and develop.  I call this voice your Gremlin.  Your Gremlin can be loud and distracting, or it can be silenced – the choice is yours.

When you are stuck, your Gremlin is most likely very vocal — telling you why you shouldn’t make a decision, or adds doubt to what you think is right.

Why Do You Get Stuck?

Dr Timothy Butler, a professor at Harvard Business School, and author of the book “Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths” says

“This feeling of being stuck in one place, while troubling, is part of a necessary crisis leading to personal growth.  Without it we cannot grow, change, and—eventually—live more fully in a larger world.”

According to Dr. Butler, an impasse doesn’t happen overnight.  Instead it is something that grows over time.  “When we feel stuck, getting our energy moving can feel like a Herculean challenge. It can seem as if we are glued to wherever we are, with no hope of a remedy,” says Dr. Butler.  “Feeling stuck can take a lot of forms. It can manifest as boredom, the blues, impatience, frustration and even hunger. If you stay stuck long enough, it can translate into more serious things like depression, hopelessness and despair.”

When is it Time to Take Action?

Have you ever known that things are not ideal but you rationalize the situation, believing things will be better?  As time goes by, the situation doesn’t improve; it only gets worse and if you wait long enough it comes to a peak and you face a true crisis.  The ideal time to take action would be when you know things are not right.   You hear the Gremlin talking you out of making changes or ideas or you are letting your head talk you out of things your gut feels are right.

The reality is we generally do not activate changes until a crisis point is reached.  This is the toughest stage of an impasse (Butler, 2007) but it is also the impetus for a new beginning.

Tame your Gremlin and silence the negative voice in your head.  Success follows those who are willing to take a calculated risk so they grow and stretch to new heights.    Isn’t it time for you to make the decision and silence the Gremlin?

“Remember, a real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken new action.

If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”

~ Anthony Robbins


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