Leadership Examined

“To lead people, walk beside them … As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate … When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!'”

— Lao-tsu

Leadership involves much more than management.   Business In Vancouver has started their 2012 Business Excellence series examining what it takes to be a leader. Key to understanding this is knowing how a leader differs from a manager, both in responsibilities and in aptitude.

I am very honoured to be one of the Leadership “experts” interviewed for this edition.  This edition offers great insights on leadership and the steps to take to be a more effective leader. [Read more…]

The Power of Many

Are you feeling stale in your job?
Do you have a sense of uninspired leadership?
Are you isolated or feeling unsupported?

If you answered yes, our Leadership Mastermind programs are for you.

A mastermind group is also referred to as a peer mentoring group or personal board of directors. Napoleon Hill shared the concept in his book “Think and Grow Rich” [Read more…]

Leaders need Followers

In this TED video, Derek Sivers discusses how movements start.   It takes a leader, and a series of followers.  It is the first follower who bravely steps forward that starts a movement and is a leaders in their own right.

[Read more…]

Myths Unveiled

Here is another nutrition month handout for you to enjoy.

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Today’s Inspiration!

This video was shared on Twitter.  I remember this event and was touched at the time.  This video sends all of us two key messages.

Don’t Give Up!  You don’t  have to do it alone!    You cannot succeed if you give up!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Bust the Myths

March is Nutrition Month.   As a Registered Dietitian by profession, I thought it would be fun to share some nutrition resources with you throughout the month.

Nutrition is a key component of healthy living.  The intake of each person is swayed by family, friends, media and information on the internet — and myths abound.  How do you know the myth from the truth?

I will be sharing a variety of Myth-busting handouts, each with a yummy recipe, throughout the month in my blog and in my ezine.  Sign up for my ezine  (part of the leadership kit above) today to receive the full set!

This first issue includes two handouts.

One first handout explains why choosing a  Dietitian is a smart choice.

The second handout features a variety of common nutrition myths and the truths behind them!


Igniting Leadership!

Ignite Leadership International is proud to announce

our new fundraising project

with Create Change!


As part of Ignite Leadership’s “More Than Green™” program, we are proud to share our latest social responsibility program.

 Our Goal:          

To change the lives of six (or more) capable young women in Northern Ghana, who cannot afford to fulfill their dreams of having a career.

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EWM Article — Create a Business With Heart

I encourage you to check out my latest article in the Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine.   This article explores why businesses need to look at community-centered philanthropy as part of their business plan, client and employee retention programs.

     Create a Business With Heart

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