3 R’s of Goals – Will You Be Prepared?

We are now 8 1/2 months into 2012 —

have you completed at least seventy five percent of your annual goals?

August is always a great time to review what you have accomplished so far  and to consider what changes are needed to meet your annual goals.  My strategic goals are such an important component in my business success.  My strategic  goals  are the longer term goals that I want to achieve in the coming year.  Each quarter I create quarterly, and then monthly goals which will keep me on track and focused on what I want to achieve while I maintain a successful business and continually introduce new tools, programs and products. [Read more…]

Opportunity Knocks…

In July 2012 my article “Opportunity Knocks — Are You Ready?” was posted by Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine.  I thought I would share it here as well… I hope you will enjoy it. [Read more…]

Social Media for Professionals – Webinar

Upcoming Webinar…. Social Media for Professionals

Are your customers on Social Media but you are not?
Have you tried social media but got frustrated?
Think social media is a waste of time?


[Read more…]

A 1 cm misstep = DQ

Today at the Olympics, the Canadian men’s 4x100m team ran an amazing race only to have the Bronze medal stripped from them 5 minutes after the end of the race.  A review revealed that one of the men stepped on the lane dividing line between the lanes which meant an automatic disqualification.  He quickly recognized his mis-step, accepted accountability and apologized to his teammates and to Canada.   What class! [Read more…]

LIfe is Full of Turbulence

Today at the Olympics, Canadian swimmer bronze medalist, Brent Hayden, won the bronze  medal in the men’s 100m freestyle.  In his post event interview, Hayden said life is full of turbulence but you have to build bridges and when you have a strong foundation you cross the bridge and cut through the turbulence. [Read more…]

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