Don’t Be a Lone Ranger

As a business professional you are a leader in your own right.  You are the leader of your career – whether that is as an employee in someone else’s company, or as an entrepreneur leading your own business.  Each of us become part of a larger network in the business world.  Our relationships with others becomes our power network – a platform from which we can grow and develop.  Many entrepreneurs and professionals become lone rangers… working in isolation because they have an insurmountable list of things to accomplish.

When I attend networking events with a lot of employed professionals, I find networking is very different than when networking in a room filled with entrepreneurs.  I often wonder why the two groups are so different. Connecting with others, regardless of your employment status should be the same — to build relationships with others. [Read more…]

Make Your Competition Irrelevant

The best seller, Blue Ocean Strategy – How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant will be discussed at the up-coming Make It Business Bookclub meeting in Vancouver – October 6.

Join Matt Chong (@mjmchong) as he guides us through discussions on how to succeed in business today without battling your competitors.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Leadership from an “Average Guy”

Have you ever been inspired by an interview on T.V. or the radio?  I know I often gain great inspiration from different mediums, outside of the usual business events.  This happened in mid-September when I was listening to an interview with Daryl Fox, National Director of The Terry Fox Foundation.  Daryl is the younger brother of Terry Fox and accompanied his brother in the cross-Canada Marathon of Hope.  Terry was an amputee due to cancer in his knee.  In 1980 he decided he wanted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research.  Unfortunately, Terry was forced to end his trek in Thunder Bay, Ontario – just under halfway of his intended journey.  Later that year, Terry succumbed to a second bout of cancer.

During this interview, there were several points that resonated with me.  Daryl described Terry as “an average person who had incredible vision.”  He also commented on Terry’s unshakable integrity.  Terry wanted to ensure that he ran every mile he set out to run.  When they couldn’t find the marker from the previous night, Terry would go back to a point he knew he had covered and start there, often covering 2-3 miles he had previously travelled.

Terry was also very driven – enduring on-going pain during his daily marathons.  Daryl shared that Terry always put his pain in perspective.  He was in pain for about 12 hours per day and could then find some relief.  Many cancer patients are unable to gain any relief from their battle.  His focus was unselfish and focused outward on his vision and others.  In addition to running, Terry ensured his vision was shared with others, by generously conducting interviews and doing presentations around his daily runs. [Read more…]

Attention Avid Readers

Are you a great reader? Love connecting with other business professionals? Do you love to discuss business topics and learn at the same time?  Why not join me this coming Wednesday (Sept 21) to discuss the best seller, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy.  I am facilitating a Make-It-Business BookClub meeting… A coffee shop MBA.   Don’t procrastinate… take action and sign up today!

In his book, Tracy examines procrastination and offers 21 tips to create new habits so you achieve more in less time.  Each point he addresses includes some realistic and achievable remedies that you can implement today.  I’m already noticing some big changes in how I am working — and you can too.

Don’t have time to read the book before Wednesday… check out this summary by Yolanda Allen

Sign up at  1st meeting is complimentary.

I hope to see you at the bookclub meeting.

It’s Time to Stretch

How high do you set your personal and business standards?  In my mastermind group we determined that we all set the bar pretty high for ourselves and we are committed to reaching and exceeding our own goals and performance standards.

Each of us has been an entrepreneur for several years and have each enjoyed many successes.  We also set the bar high when we were in     school and in our prior careers.  As a successful mastermind group that has been together for 3 years our commitment to each other’s success is a testament of our high standards.  Our mastermind provides a solid, safe place to face our fears, brainstorm ideas and celebrate our successes.

In order to achieve our goals and dreams, each member of our group sets business and personal goals that will move us forward and allow us to grow. These are stretch goals.

Stretch goals are commonly referred to in the business world as a way to achieve more.  Stretch goals require a person or business to ambitiously extend itself  beyond what seems realistic within current parameters[Read more…]

Proposals… making them work

Have you been asked to create a proposal and this task stopped you in your tracks?

Are you creating winning proposals?

If not, our up-coming Ignite Leaders Membership Webinar  is for YOU!! 

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Every year I am asked by companies or organizations to submit a proposal for a project or contract.  At first this was a daunting task.  What do I include?  How long should it be?  How do I make my proposal stand out from others yet follow their format?  The questions were never-ending and I was unprepared to construct my proposal quickly when an opportunity arose.

Realizing I was missing the boat, I decided it was time to create a template for myself, with information available at my finger tips which I could use, edit or delete – depending on the proposal.  Creating my own template was a huge time-saver and streamlined the process for me.
Many businesses are required to write very long and lengthy proposals which takes weeks, and many people to write.   In contrast, most small business owners and middle managers are asked to write smaller,  more concise project proposals.  Although smaller and shorter, they are no less important in moving your business or organization forward.

Over the past few years I have assisted clients to create project proposals which created  a successful outcome.  This month, I will share some of these insights with you.

Open to members only, this webinar will:

  • outline the reasons a killer proposal is vital to your business
  • guide you through 5 key sections to include in your proposals and
  • how to make your proposal stand out from the crowd.

Don’t miss out on this and other up-coming webinars for our members. 

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Get More Done with New Habits

The best way to get something done is to begin.”

~Author Unknown

I cannot think how many times I have been reminded to get things done before they grow in size in my mind!  Can you relate to this?  I am a very self-motivated person and I achieve a lot each week but there are tasks (both at home and at work) that I push aside to a later time.  As I have been working with other professionals and business owners I have realized this is not a unique trait.  Even those people I thought were super efficient have times when they procrastinate.

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Procrastination is an automatic habit that causes us to needlessly delay timely, relevant, priority activities to another day.  The good news is that as a habit, it can be changed.  The challenge is that procrastination is a reinforced habit, meaning we don’t always experience the unpleasant outcomes of our choices/actions.  We often beat ourselves up because we delay action on a task or project.  Inaction is not necessarily procrastination as long as what you are doing is as important as the task you are delaying.

Interestingly enough, procrastination is on the rise.  Is this because our world is racing by and we just don’t have enough time to complete everything we want to do?  Or, is this because we have too many distractions, between email, the internet, meetings, games and social media?  Researchers at the University of Michigan indicate that society has adopted more of a social philosophy in contrast to the hard work and prosperity attitude previously prevalent.

[Read more…]

How You Think Affects Your Success

In the past few weeks, as I have been preparing for the launch of this website, I realized how open I was to new ways of doing things.  I had suggestions and ideas coming at me from a variety of qualified people and I found myself explaining what I was planning, listening  to their responses and then making decisions that ultimately helped me make better decisions.  So much for knowing what I wanted!

I recognized that my success was more important to me than pushing aside the ideas from others so I made sure I kept my mind open to everything that was offered – whether or not I finally implemented the suggestions.  This situation reminded me of an old blog post which I thought I would share with you again.

How many times have you met someone who was so set in their thinking that they miss out on new and unique opportunities or get left behind in their field?  In contrast, what about the person who is always open to learning new things, willing to try, rides the tides of change and manoeuvres the bumps in the road?  Most of us have a mindset that is probably somewhere in between.  Our mindset is developed over time and is fostered through our values and the messages we receive from our environment.  Our ability to adapt to change is also significantly impacted by our mindset. [Read more…]

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