Do You Plan Your Business or Work in Chaos?

During a recent networking event, the group had a discussion about business planning and why it is important to business success. I was pleased, and somewhat surprised by how many people in the group actually had a written business plan.  I’m sure our discussion spurred on the others to get started.

At one point in the discussion we talked about how rapidly things change and this can force you to review and retweek your plan.  That’s life!  Things change — and its good they do!  Would you want to get stuck in the same ol’ rut?  Don’t leave things to chance.  Take the lead and work your plan.  You’ll love the results.

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A Halloween Treat for You

On Hallowe’en the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you
An’ if somethin’ scares you
and you want to run
Jus’ let on like
it’s Hallowe’en fun.
– – – from an Early Nineteenth Century Halloween Postcard

Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations all year.  It’s fun, inspires creativity and is an interactive experience.

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Three Keys to Grow Your Business

The focus on small business  continues this week in recognition of Small Business Week.   A recent article by featured the secrets to small business.   This article cites  a survey conducted by RBC Small Business by Ipsos Reid.  The survey results revealed  the following as the top three components business owners need to focus on in order to grow their business:

1) develop an effective business plan (44 per cent)

2) manage your time well (43 per cent)

3) engage in networking (38 per cent).

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What are You Doing for Your Biz?

This week is Small Business Week .  The theme of this year’s theme according to the Business Development Bank of Canada  is “Power Up Your Business – Invest. Innovate. Grow.

On September 8th, 2011, President Obama stated “Everyone here knows that small businesses are where most new jobs begin.”  Bloomberg Businessweek writer, Charles Kenny states in his article “Rethinking the Booseterism of Small Business“, “the notion that small business is the force behind prosperity is not true. The longer the U.S. and other countries cling to this myth, the harder it will be to carry out the kinds of economic policies that might actually stimulate job growth.”  An interesting thought particularly with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests happening worldwide.

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As I travelled to the airport earlier this week, I realized I was experiencing several firsts.  They aren’t remarkable except for the fact that I noticed them.  I confirmed my first agreement in my newly created Ambassador program.  I then met the son of a friend for the first time.  My trip to the airport was also a fist.  It was my first time riding the skytrain (metro) from downtown to the airport (wow was that easy and cheap).  I also experienced my first problem getting my Blackberry to work — RIM was having network problems and I couldn’t receive or send anything.

I am also flying on a new airline and writing my first blog post at 35.000 feet.  My experience at the airport was the worst check in I’ve ever experienced.  The airline had only 2 of 7 kiosks working and first class passengers were forced to stand in line with economy passengers to try and check in – not that that was a smooth process either! I lined up with the economy passengers and waited for the horrible service from the kiosk check-in.  Once on the plane, I was asked not once but twice to change seats with fellow passengers.  I’ve never done this before either. It didn’t matter to me which of 16 seats I sat in, so I obliged.   I also landed in Phoenix for the first time.

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Become Inspired to Transform

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Eyes Wide Open

For those of you who have been following my blog for the past month, you know that I have undertaken a huge change in my business and my branding.  This change started about one year ago and required a lot of dedicated focus and decision making along the way as I visualized, clarified, implemented, tweaked things at every stage.  Most importantly the process hasn’t ended!

The past month since I launched Ignite Leadership International has been an exciting one, making the hard work worthwhile.  What I have found that forcing myself to re-position my business and stay focused on a few major goals has allowed me to also see so many new opportunities that align with my vision, mission and values.   It has also allowed me to better communicate who I am, what I do and with whom.  This has attracted the right people into my life.   I have located joint venture partners, new clients, new business tools and programs to better support my clients and I am more content. [Read more…]

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