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At this Special Time of Year…

A Special Message from Me to You!

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for being a part of my Ignite Leadership community this year.

2011 has been a big adventure as I implemented my own changes.  Knowing that you have opted to travel along this journey with me is special to me.  I am truly grateful!!  Without you I could not fulfil my own dreams and goals.

I hope you will take some time over Christmas to spend time with your family and friends.  I will be celebrating with my parents in Victoria.  It is one time of the year I know I always get an extended break! [Read more…]

Write it Down & Achieve Success

Do you journal regularly?  Have you tried it and then gradually ‘fall out of habit’?  Well, you are not alone!
Journalling does require you to create a new habit but it’s a habit is strongly linked to success.  Who’s success — yours, if you journal.

A look at successful leaders throughout time reveals they all journal in some way.  Journalling help them gain the clarity of their vision, learn from successes and mistakes, and capture ideas when the iron strikes.  Proponents of journalling state that putting pen to paper to write your vision and goals, sets a stronger intention and makes them seem more real than if you were to type that information into a computer.  I have to agree with this suggestion.  Every year I write (or draw) my plan for the year and all the milestones I want to achieve.  I tried using a mindmap software program and writing my list of goals, also using the computer.  After about 2 months I realized that I didn’t have a strong connection to my plan and went back to pen and paper (and colouring pencils) and copied the information from the computer on to the paper.  After this change, I was much more connected and successful in achieving what I set out to accomplish. [Read more…]

Christmas trivia test

I received this from Peter Legge this morning and had to share it with you… enjoy!

1. The carol “Silent Night” made its debut in 1816 in a church in Austria. Its inaugural performance was on a:

a) Magnificent pipe organ
b) Harpsichord
c) Violin
d) Guitar [Read more…]

Why Businesses Lose Customers

 I attended a Burnaby Board of Trade Boardroom Series workshop today.  The guest speaker was Roy Prevost, who describes himself as a customer service strategist and small business crusader.  Roy began his session by asking what is the objective of your product or service?

And your answer is …? [Read more…]

Lessons We Can All Learn

Over the past weekend, the Grey Cup game was played between two great Canadian Football League teams – The Winnipeg Bluebombers and the BC Lions.  These two teams came to the game with every intention of leaving the field the champion!  Only one team could do so, but that didn’t stop the drive and determination of either team.

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