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Why use a Business Planner Journal?

If you are an executive or business owner, you are often in a position where you have high expectations of yourself and from others.  How can you stay focused and motivated every day when you are facing long sales cycles, projects with mupliple priorities, or on your own aspirations when overwhelmed with day-to-day operations?

Some of the benefits reported by regular journal keepers include:

  1.  Boosts Productivity and Impact on Your Business
  2.  A quick way to pre-plan important tasks each day
  3. Helps You Stay Motivated
  4.  Enables you to Focus on the Bigger Picture and break strategic goals down into smaller steps
  5.  Reinforces the need to reflect on your day, week, month and gain insights
  6.  Gain a perspective on what’s working, what needs to be tweaked
  7. Self-learning
  8.  Embrace Gratitude


Keeping regular work diaries, which took no more than ten minutes a day, gave many of our research participants a new perspective on themselves as professionals and what they needed to improve,”  

 Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, co-authors of The Progress Principle.


A Complete Goal Setting Planner & Monitoring System

The Business Journal is paper based book that offers you a complete goal-setting planner and monitoring system!

Your journal provides a proven format designed so you can plan your priorities, record your activities, thoughts and insights as well as your accomplishments and misses. Each review built into the system encourages you to face your progress (or lack thereof) so that you learn from the results and make the necessary changes quickly and effectively.

Putting pen to paper offers a unique opportunity to drill deeper into your day. As you complete each page throughoutJournal Front Cover the year you will stay on track and exceed your desired goals!

In less than 10 minutes a day you will achieve what you set out to50% faster and more consistently than you have in the past!

Each monthly journal contains

  • The Ignite Leadership Ignition Board – a one page business plan at a glance
  • 1 Ignition Board Annual Planner page
  • 1 Monthly Goal Planner page
  • 31 Daily Journal pages
  • 4 Weekly Debrief pages
  • 1 Monthly Reflection Journal page
  • 2 Parking Lot pages to jot down ideas that you want to park so they aren’t lost, but don’t distract you from your current goals.  End the bright shiney object syndrome!

The journal is created in a perpetual format …so its always a good time to start!

The 8.5 x 11 format offers lost of space to record all the information you wish. A full month in one book – so you have your goals, plans and ideas in one space.


[A planner] changed everything for me. It forces you to actually sit down and only pick a few things you’re going to get done, especially the things that often end up getting punted from day to day. Before that, I was letting my calendar and to-do list run my day and never felt like I was getting the important stuff done.

—Mike Woitach, Confluence Coffee Co. 


Order Your Journal Today

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Only $25.99 per journal                 Canadian         International

$79.99 for 4 journals                      Canadian          International



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