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Critical support to advance your business

In every business there are opportunities for growth and often these require support from an expert with time to guide you through to success. At Ignite Leadership International ™, we specialize in providing hands-on consulting services. We have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge on a range of simple and complex business strategies to specifically meet your business or organization.


Challenges our clients face

We have worked with dozens of unique clients, each one facing a different set of issues in their growth. We often hear the following concerns from our clients:

  • Our business is ready to grow, but we lack the systems to support the growth
  • Our team regularly complains about inefficiencies but they don’t know where to start to make necessary changes
  • Our internal resources are stretched, and this is causing projects to be sidelined
  • We could use some help to move projects forward while maintaining daily operations
  • We need to focus on developing our strategic goals, but we need an expert to facilitate a strategic planning session.

These are all scenarios we can help you with.


What makes us different?

We are specialists in a broad range of disciplines, which means we can not only support a variety of departments within your organization, we can ensure smooth integration of improvements and changes, because we see the big picture. As well as this, unlike other consultants, we do more than support you through the planning phases, we will also support you with project execution if needed.

A full range of services to meet your every need

Ignite Leadership International ™ offers consulting and business services to assist you with a wide range of project:


We work with a diverse range of clients

We have experience working with all kinds of organizations, ranging from small to medium sized businesses and not-for-profits, and as well, we work with a variety of individuals and teams:

  • Business Owners
    • Small to Medium sized Businesses
    • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
    • Managers
    • Team Leads
    • Executives
  • Service Based Businesses
  • Not-for Profits
    • Board of Directors
    • Leadership Team


Extending your team to make you more successful

Our goal is to integrate with ease and to become a trusted member of your team for as long as you need our support. We work seamlessly and in tandem with all stakeholders. Technology allows us to work alongside you virtually, no matter where you are located. And we are also happy to work on-site as needed.


Is it time to implement changes in your business?

Contact us for a complimentary discussion on advancing your business today.


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