The Breakthrough Huddle:

Focused Sessions to Align. Activate. Advance Leadership & Business

We focus on your biggest challenge to crack the block so you  can take action, grow your business and create a positive IMPACT

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

-- Confucius

Creating a Breakthrough is such a freeing activity.  When you dedicate time and invest in yourself you end inertia and ignite the momentum to move forward.

Sometimes, what's holding you back can be unleashed in one focused session.

That's where the Breakthrough Huddle is the perfect solution!  We focus on one challenge and how to release the ties that are holding you back.

Your Breakthrough Huddle Session


Where are you now?  What are your dreams and goals are for the coming quarter and beyond.?  What is happening, now and in the near future, that can impact or derail your plans?  In each session, you set the direction and your Coach is there to help you through collaboration, exploration, brainstorming, and and more!


Knowing where we are starting from will allow us to create the plans that will map out what you want to accomplish and how you will navigate through the maze of challenges, obstacles and opportunities – everything from day-to-day operations, identifying and accessing the right resources at the right time, and more!

Nothing can happen to stretch and achieve those goals and dreams unless you hit the accelerator and take action!




When staying still is not an option, we will help you ensure your plan keeps you advancing with forward momentum.  Growth is an advancement of a seed to a plant that provides food or other materials used for many purposes.  Together we will take your seed of an idea, surround it with the right systems and resources so it too can grow and develop to be of use to you, your clients, team or superiors and your support network.    We will identify where you add value and how to reap the benefits along the way.


Creating a Breakthrough is like magic...  it releases the fear, frustration and second-guessing while opening the door to results and success!

Each VIP Breakthrough Huddle can deal with one clearly defined item.  We have 45 minutes to navigate through your topic, issue or opportunity.

Catherine looked at my skill set and very quickly made recommendations to transform my business in a way that totally fit with my vision. She then took me through a step-by-step description of exactly what needed to be accomplished in order to achieve the end result.

If you believe your business can operate more efficiently, or you want to shift your focus to increase productivity, Catherine Rocheleau will amaze you. Thanks Catherine.

- Bruce Langford, Stand Up Now!

I have gained so much more focus for myself and my new business - even my friends are noticing that I’m calmer.  I'm psyched about what can be achieved.  Boosting my income is a top priority and I already see that happening within 3 months.

- Joyce Sagi, Disaster & Risk Associates

I gained so much clarity and now know exactly what I need to do.  I am so happy I booked my Huddle session. We accomplished so much more than I thought possible in just 45 minutes.  Thank you Catherine!

- Michelle M.

What's Included?


  • One 45-minute Breakthrough Huddle session where we will pull up our sleeves, cut to the chase and find the right solution, approach or resource to make things happen quickly.  Be prepared for a working session-- one where we take out the paper and pencil, computer or tablet and work together, dig deep, think outside the box and take action! Where we find a gap, we’ll brainstorm and problem-solve together – that’s the fun part!
  • A copy of the recording so you can extract even more out of our work together.
  • A copy of any whiteboard creations.


If you Choose the Huddle 3-pack on check-out, you will receive:


  • Two additional 45-minute Breakthrough Huddles sessions – giving you more focused time with Catherine
  • Copies of the recordings for each session so you can extract even more out of our work together.
  • Copies of any whiteboard creations.
  • 20% savings (when paid for in advance).


These additional Huddle Sessions can be used to:

  • Extend your Strategic Huddle to dig deeper on the same issue,
  • Start anew and focus on something different,
  • Choose a coaching session to brainstorm, problem solve or role-play,
  • or mix it up - You decide!

What is staying stuck, unsure or uninspired costing you, your team or your business?

Let's Get Started on Your Breakthrough!
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If you are ready, willing and able to get started, yet you have questions you need answers to before you hit the ignition switch to your breakthrough, then please book a call so we can answer them and get you started.