Are You Ready for Change?

Last week I was fortunate to attend a speakers meeting.  Everyone attending the event was a speaker in their field.  The format of the meeting was quite similar to a Toastmasters meeting but each of us was asked to make two short impromptu presentations.

The topic for the meeting was “That’s My Story and I’m Sticking With It”.  When I was first told about the topic I was not very clear how I could incorporate that topic into a short presentation.  On my way to the meeting, I realized that the best topic to speak on was change!

Change has been the underlying common denominator in my life.  Since I was born, I have moved homes within each city I lived, moved provinces, moved countries and experienced lots of school and  job changes.  In tonight’s talk, I shared a bit of My Why and how change has lead me down a path of leadership and change to avoid boredom and maximize my own passion and engagement.

Guiding Change

As a consultant I encourage and challenge executives, business owners and professionals to face their own challenges, obstacles and take the steps to initiate changes to achieve successful, sustainable results.   Executive Business Coaching, operational reviews, and the implementation of systems/processes all offer unique outcomes and better goal attainment.  Change invigorates me as I see the opportunities that it brings!  It opens new doors and changes me, but – like you, I can’t do it alone.

Support with a Push

When it comes to change, business leaders are more successful, less stressed, more productive and effective leaders when they have a support team in their corner.  Do you have a Mentor?  Are you working with a coach who pushes you forward, challenges you and your team?  Have you participated in a peer mentoring group (mastermind) that keeps you accountable and offers opportunities to brainstorm, explore opportunities and challenges you?  My mastermind group keeps me focused, and stretching to increase the value I offer clients, and to myself.  I couldn’t do without them!  My coach keeps me accountable but also acts as a great business sounding board.

Overcome Confusion

Change generally upsets the status quo and leaves you feeling uncertain.  Your self-confidence can take a hit, as can revenues in business – yet change is vital for growth and leadership.  Clear goals and an effectively thought-out action plan will provide a sound foundation that underpins changes and allows you to move forward and breakthrough your own glass ceiling!  Obstacles are less over-whelming and you are able to see the path through the forest rather than just the “to do” list that never ends.

Isn’t it time for you to take the steps you need to spark your change?  You can ignite the results you desire with the right tools and supports!



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