AMPLIFY Mastermind

Magnifying results through the power of a peer mastermind.


As a non-profit leader balancing your mission with the business side of your organization and your own well-being can present unique challenges.  There is no one way to build capacity, secure consistent funding, attract and retain top talent, recruit and engage board members or volunteers, and look after yourself.

In fact, when I was an Executive Director, I belonged to a mastermind group.  Together we realized the average E.D./CEO lasted about 5-7 years before they moved on.  Fatigue, burnout, and frustration headed the list of reasons non-profit leaders shifted course.  We saw a faster turnover in board membership. Our mastermind group had a mandate to help each member reduce stress, save time, increase revenues and reach more people with our programs while remaining happy, healthy and productive in our leadership roles. It was a god-send and a great resource.

Fast forward 10 years and I am now hosting a mastermind group specifically for non-profit leaders who are forward-thinkers focused on growth, impact, connection and sharing.

“Deliberately Seek The Company Of People Who Influence You To Think And Act On Building The Life You Desire.”

Napoleon Hill

Today’s World Now Expects More from Business


I am sure you have recognized a shift in what today’s world is expects from the private sector – The want them to “do more than make money”.  According to the Harvard Business Review, the private sector is responsible more than 7-times the spending of government and 20-times that of the non-profit sector.  If we are to change the world to become a better place for all, then I believe we must tap into those resources while also building a stronger connection between business and social/environmental change driven by non-profits.


How Does this Change Impact Non-Profits?


In my experience and research, the most commonly cited problem facing non-profits is securing consistent funding that allows them the organization to thrive, deliver on their mission and to attract and retain top talent. Profitability is frequently considered to be a “bad word” yet it builds capacity.

What if some of the resources from the private sector (money, time, skill, resources) where directed to and/or shared with a non-profit?  Could a non-profit benefit from proven systems for long-term sustainability and serve more people or improve the environment?  What if this “partnership” would help that same business to gain a competitive advantage and generate healthy profits while creating positive changes in the world

What is Amplify?

Amplify is a mastermind group consisting of and focused on, the challenges and opportunities, wants and needs of today’s non-profit leader who is striving to build capacity, deliver a greater impact to a wider audience, and lead a great team.  Together we will leverage the power of many minds to find solutions, explore opportunities, learn, share and amplify the impact we make collectively.


AMPLIFY IS for you if...

  • You know you have the ability to achieve more and want a coach who can help you recognize your blindspots, tweak your thinking, be a better leader and build capacity so you make a bigger impact.
  • You are tired of being a lone wolf. "reinventing the wheel" or not having the support you need to optimize job performance.
  • You have the time, energy, capacity and mindset that can focus on implementing what you need so you maximize your organization's mission and your personal goals.


AMPLIFY is NOT for you if...

  • You are content to “stay the course”.
  • You are in early start-up mode and resources are stretched too thin already.
  • You are not quite ready to focus on building an extended community, organizational capacity and sharing with other leaders in the sector.
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What is Included?

You receive...

  • Membership in Activate!

    Activate is a membership-based, curated global community of non-profit leaders who are dedicated to elevating leadership within their organization and advancing the good they can create.

    Your membership includes:

    Experts Corner — Monthly events with leading experts who will share insights, tactics and solutions for top issues relevant to leading and growing non-profit organizations.

    Monthly Forum — a facilitated discussion on the topic of the month.  Together we will dig deeper into the insights shared by our speaker, trends or top challenges facing our members to continue the learning or break it down so you can turn ideas and concepts into actions, integrate and execute more easily – saving time, resources and of course with less frustration.

    Speaker Library — Full access to all Forum and Experts Corner events.

    Private Online Community Group so you can 1) Build upon connections. 2) Continue the conversation 3) Share Resources 4) Ask questions, receive feedback, explore ideas and more!

    Priority Access to Special Events.

  • Complimentary VIP Up-grade to any Activate! Special events

  • Accountability through Action

    Tracking your progress in real time stimulates continued momentum. Our unique HabitBuilder will help you embrace the behaviours needed to achieve your personal and leadership outcomes, and turn those new behaviours into lasting habits and sustainable results. It will be the best 2 minutes of your day!

  • Complimentary Access to Accelerate

    As an Amplify Member, you can participate in any of the group coaching sessions offered within the Accelerate group coaching program.

Let's Create Massive Impact

Plus the following...

  • Monthly Mastermind Circle

    Our mastermind circles are facilitated by a certified executive/business coach with non-profit experience.

    Every month we will meet for 3 hours to:

    — Discuss current topics of importance to Non-Profit Leaders.

    — Share your successes, challenges, thoughts and more!

    — Hot Seat Sessions that place the entire group’s focus and brilliance on your issues, challenges, questions or ideas so that you receive feedback, insights, solutions, resources and more!

    — Build a strong network willing to support each other to create individual and group success with massive impact!

  • Private Coaching Sessions

    — 1 x 40 minute private coaching session with an Experienced Certified Business/Executive Coach with non-profit experience each month.

    — An opportunity to focus on your specific needs.  You can bring issues, challenges, questions or ideas forward so we create the solutions that are right for YOU.

  • Private AMPLIFY community Connect

    An online community forum just for AMPLIFY members.

    Keep the conversations going, receive support, ideas, feedback and more between our sessions in this Accelerate community group.

  • Resource Library

    As a leader you, and every other member, have a wealth of tools, reference items and resources designed to help you get your job done easier, faster or more effectively.

    Our AMPLIFY resource library will offer members a centralized location for these resources, created by members for members.

Our Commitment to Creating an IMPACT

As an Impact Business, our MoreThanGreen program is our commitment to the triple bottom line, social impact and making the world a better place!  We are on a trajectory to become a certified B-Corp.

We donate more than 2% of gross revenues to charity every year! 

We also volunteer & mentor hundreds of hours each year.

All while we consider our impact on the environment, and that of our suppliers, and every client in every decision.

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We're on a mission to change the world through business by changing the rules of business!

You want to find a place where, because of your skills, you can make an impact.

John McKinley

The Application Process


To maximize value for each member of a mastermind cohort, we have an application process in place to ensure each person is a good fit with other members.  Nothing is worse than joining a program that is a bad fit or does not meet your wants and needs.

As such, our application process allows both Us (Ignite Leadership) and You (the applicant) to 1) Identify if a mastermind program is right for you.  2)  Get clear on where you are now and what you want to achieve. 3) Review your capacity, commitment, readiness and resources 4) Ensure you participate in the right program (or group).

The application steps include:.

1) You complete & submit a written application.

2) We review your application fully.

3)  Together we have a Screening Call (by phone or zoom) to clarify your application, determine your fit for AMPLIFY (or one of our other programs if there is a better fit) and answer all of your questions.   If our programs are not right for you, we will discuss other options available to you offered by other organizations.

4) Complete your registration and get you started right away.

I'm Ready to Create Change!

To make a significant and lasting impact, nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, and community-based organizations around the world need to work together. We know that if we bring people together, they find innovative solutions.

Tae Yoo

Your Host

Catherine Rocheleau has over three decades of experience leading and transforming small and medium sized business and non-profit organizations.  As the executive director, she transitioned the organization to a virtual structure to better meet the needs of the province, while scaling the organization and boosting revenues by 400%.

Catherine is the founder and CEO of a social-impact business that is committed to changing the world through business by changing the rules of business.  As a Business IMPACT Strategist, executive coach and organizational change professional, she works with business and non-profit leaders to lead thriving organizations that are great places to work and make a positive impact in the world.

Over the past 20+ years, Catherine has consistently participated and/or led mastermind and accountability groups.  She credits these groups in providing guidance, support, comradery and encouragement that has led to the long-term success of her business.

She is the creator of the Impact Business Blueprint course, and founder and host of  Activate! (a membership program for non-profit leaders),  Accelerate Group Coaching program and Amplify Mastermind.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is a Mastermind Group?

    Professional development with a twist

    A mastermind is a group of highly motivated people who are committed to growing personally and professionally. These groups meet regularly and are focused on leveraging the power of many minds coming together for a single purpose—to foster personal and professional growth and development, drive results, and realize the attainment of your goals through accountability.

    In fact, joining a mastermind gets you out of your own box and helps you find answers faster than you would on your own. Anyone who owns a business or leads a team should be in one.”

    Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, and considered to be the father of the mastermind concept describes a mastermind as:

    “The coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

  • q-iconWhat is a Hot Seat Session?

    Have you ever wished you could just focus on one problem, issue or idea in a way that delivers clarity, and offers new ideas, different perspectives, solutions and identify tactics that have worked for others?

    What about if you are looking for a resource and can’t seem to find it.  Well, this is where a Hot Seat comes in.

    The entire mastermind group comes together in a safe environment where we collectively create a laser focus and leverage the mastermind concept to assist you.  We ask questions, offer ideas, perspectives and potential solutions based on our knowledge and experience, or share resources we know may help you.

    You will have a brief opportunity to share your challenge or idea and present what you would like from the community i.e. brainstorm ideas, feedback, suggestions, or solutions.  The group will have a few minutes to ask clarifying questions to ensure they clearly understand your problem and what you want as an outcome.  Finally  participants will offer you their perspectives, solutions, resources and more!  We tie it all up with sharing our own personal take-away.

    This is a pay-it forward opportunity because not only you will benefit – others will too!

    What you do with the information shared with you is totally up to you!

  • q-iconWhy is regular attendance strongly recommended?

    The brilliance underpinning a mastermind circle is the cumulative effect that results when a group of people focus on one thing and share openly, and free of judgement so that other members can benefit.

    I call this the “1+1 = 3” effect.   The result is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

    A mastermind provides multi-directional benefits – when you miss a session, you lose and everyone else loses too.

    You become a missing link and the entire group loses your insights and perspectives, and brilliance.  Also, trust between members is amplified when everyone attends each and every month

  • q-iconWe talk about sensitive topics, what about confidentiality?

    Yes, it is not uncommon that we talk about more sensitive topics during each mastermind circle, however we ask every participant to sign a confidentiality agreement at the start of the program and a code of practice as part of the mastermind agreement.  What is discussed within the group is expected to remain within the group.

    Participants will be reminded of this confidentiality agreement at the start of each session.


  • q-iconHow will I know if the Mastermind Circle is right for me?

    Our application process allows us to explore your wants, needs, experience, goals and aspirations.  From there Ignite Leadership will do our best to assign you to a group that is closely matched, while also allowing some diversity.

  • q-iconHow big are mastermind groups?

    Our Groups are deliberately small – usually under 20!  We believe the focus needs to be on you more often than less.  When groups are too large, your engagement and involvement declines, defeating the purpose of the mastermind.  We want to leverage the mastermind effect so you advance faster and ignite results sooner!  Most of our masterminds have only 6-15 members.

  • q-iconHow long is the Amplify Mastermind?

    We recommend you commit to yourself, your own goals and those of your organization for a full 12-month term to maximize the benefit and results you will receive.  This is also the best value.

    However, we recognize this may feel too long for some — particularly if this is your first experience in a mastermind.  Therefore, we are offering a 6-month option.   If you choose this option and decide you want to upgrade to the full year option after a few months, we can make this happen.  You will receive the same pricing if you had made this choice from the beginning.

I'm Ready to Amplify Results

Not sure if AMPLIFY is right for you?

We recommend you complete the application and book the application review call.  This way you can ask all your questions and if its a good fit we can get you started right away!  You are under no obligation to move forward if you decide its not right for you! No pressure tactics either!


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