Activate!  Inner Circle

Your Partners for Success

[A mastermind is] the coordination of knowledge and effort

in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people,

for the attainment of a definite purpose.   

                                                           Napoleon Hill

Imagine what the right mastermind group could do for YOU as a Leader.


What If you were able to get expert feedback and new ideas on an ongoing basis?

 What if you had an opportunity to brainstorm & problem solve current leadership challenges for more effective implementation?

Or you just got to spend more time with other exceptional, motivated business leaders who were committed to achieving massive success, while becoming powerful leaders, communicators and ImpactMakers.  All the while also being dedicated to making sure everyone in the group did the same.

               Top 5 Benefits

Think Bigger; Play Bigger

Lead with Purpose and Impact

Navigate Change & Push Boundaries with Confidence

Unlock Opportunities to Grow. Learn, & Activate

Expand Your Network

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Are YOU Ready to Lead with Purpose and Impact?


Our Activate! Inner Circle is perfect for you if you are a business leader with 5 years of experience or more.  You are tired of thinking small and as a leader you are committed to your own personal and professional development, and that of others.


Whether you’re a business owner on the verge of up-levelling, a leader in a growing business, or a manager with a team, this mastermind will ensure you are building on your success, breaking through your own bias or constraints so you navigate change more easily while building connections with like-minded leaders.

Here's What's Included...

  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings

    Meetings are 3.5 hours once per month. This is where you will check-in, learn, share, explore and more!

    — We meet in our Virtual Conference Room so you can connect from your office, hotel room or home.

    — Meetings are recorded so every nugget of information and action plans are captured and can be reviewed later.

    — Meetings are facilitated by an Executive Coach. Together we will tackle current business topics and what’s most important to you and the group as a whole.

    — Every member of will have dedicated “Ignition Seat” time during the year – as well as opportunities for laser “hot seats” so you tackle your challenges, brainstorm ideas, & get much needed feedback.

More Features ...

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions

    You will experience 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions with Catherine (one each quarter).  We will focus on your own goals, challenges and opportunities.  We will also co-create a customized plan just for you!

    In addition you can receive email coaching support as needed throughout the year to keep you on track and moving forward.

  • Accountability on Purpose

    Our unique HabitBuilder accountability tool will help you set commitments to yourself to keep you on track and taking measurable action on your goals.

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Our Commitment to Creating an IMPACT

As an Impact Business, our MoreThanGreen program is our commitment to the triple bottom line, social impact and making the world a better place!  We are on a trajectory to become a certified B-Corp.

We donate more than 2% of gross revenues to charity every year! 

We also volunteer & mentor hundreds of hours each year.

And, we consider our impact on the environment, and that of our suppliers, in every decision.

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We're on a mission to change the world through business by changing the rules of business!

More Benefits

Small Group Size

Our masterminds are limited to 10 - 12 participants for a more intimate, connected group ensuring maximum value to you.

Participants are from diverse industries or geographic locations to prevent direct competition. Diversity also helps maximize the insights, perspectives and experience the group offers.



Trust and openness in a safe environment is fundamental to the success of every mastermind. What is shared in the group stays in the group!

Isn't it time for you to push your own boundaries and be the best leader you can be?



Do you have questions about how a mastermind could benefit you, your leadership, and your business?  If so, I invite you to submit your no-obligation application using our "Apply Today" button and book a complimentary call with me.

During your call we will answer all of your questions, determine if the mastermind group is a good fit, and explore how a mastermind can enhance your leadership, improve clarity and confidence, support change, boost profits, accelerate professional growth, and amplify your  results!

If you are a good fit, then we will complete the on-boarding process.  If you aren't we'll identify your next steps -- either with Ignite Leadership or elsewhere.  It's that easy!


Your Commitment to Success

Your active participation at every mastermind meeting is critical to your own success and that of your fellow mastermind members. This involves engaging, listening, and sharing to foster a strong culture of giving and receiving in a respectful, supportive and positive way.



Access to Tools and Resources

Every leader requires a tool box of great resources to fit situations as they arise.  Your tool box will be built throughout the year from contributions of every member of the group, and your facilitator.

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Catherine Rocheleau is an Executive Coach, consultant, speaker and award-winning leader.  Like an orchestra leader, Catherine’s masterminds bring great people together to create magic through change, growth and leadership with purpose.  Catherine is dedicated to collaborating with clients to create and implement action plans that create results, and drive leadership on purpose.

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