Elevating Purposeful Leadership through Learning & Community


Are you juggling the many diverse facets of non-profit or social purpose leadership and wish you had a strong network who understands what you are facing?

Community Engagement is one of the leading challenges facing today’s non-profit leader.  Building strong relationships and staying connected with businesses and members of the community to build support for your non-profit is foundational to long-term growth and impact.

Today's conscious consumers are demanding more from the businesses they buy from.  Employees are looking to connect with businesses that have a purpose they can relate to.  These new facets are adding challenges for entrepreneurs all the way to major corporations.

However, you also need a community dedicated to supporting YOUR needs!  Think about how great it would be to easily reach out to a trusted colleague to find the resources you need, to receive feedback and to not “reinvent the wheel”.  Or, what if you could accelerate your understanding of a trending topic, or gain a new skill?

I know that being a non-profit leader can be a lonely position because your position is very unique. You report to the Board and you lead your team. As such, you lack a peer at your level who can fully relate to what you're dealing with.

When I was leading a rapidly growing non-profit, I sought out groups to connect with other Executive Directors and CEO's for this very reason.  Other EDs and CEOs shared similar feelings with me and so the Ignite Impact Collective and Activate! were created.

I have led a social purpose business for over a decade now, and I can't count how may  questions from colleagues and mentors sharing that social impact isn't a top business priority.  Now, the nickel has dropped... it is becoming a must have!  I was ahead of my time and this drives my purpose to change the world through business.


As part of the Ignite Impact Collective, Activate! is a curated community of non-profit leaders and social purpose small business owners who are dedicated to elevating leadership within their organization and advancing the good they can create.

Why struggle alone?

Why question how to do things faster and more efficiently, or wonder how to find the right tool?

Why look for an advanced level learning program when you can find all of this and connect with a global network of like-minded leaders in Activate!?

Activate! IS for you if...

  • You are focused on growing a strong, vibrant organization, with consistent revenues a great team and maximum impact.
  • You recognize the value of building a strong community to grow, learn and share.
  • You have an action-takers mindset and want to explore new ways of building capacity and engaging board members, employees, volunteers and the community to fulfil your mission.
  • You are ready to start building strong business - non-profit partnerships for the mutual benefit of both organizations.

Activate is NOT for you if...

  • You are content to “stay the course”.
  • You are in early start-up mode and resources are stretched too thin already.
  • You are not quite ready to focus on building an extended community, organizational capacity and sharing with other leaders in the sector.
Yes, I'm In!

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If Activate! is NOT for you right now, check out the Ignite Impact Collective - Forum level of membership.

What is Included in Membership?

Here's What's Included...

  • Experts Corner - 12 sessions per year

    These virtual events will bring together leading experts who will share insights, tactics and solutions for top issues relevant to leading and growing non-profit organizations.  We will focus on content – not sales!  Formats may include interviews, presentations, or be more interactive – depending on the speaker and the topic.

    Participants will have an opportunity to interact with our guest speakers through an interactive Q&A in the final 30 minutes of each event.

    Members can recommend topics, and speakers so we can best address your wants and needs.

  • Monthly Ignite Lab – 60 minutes

    Every month join in the Lab for a facilitated discussion on the topic of the month.  Together we will dig deeper into the insights shared by our speaker, trends or top challenges facing our members to continue the learning or break it down so you can turn ideas and concepts into actions, integrate and execute more easily – saving time, resources and of course with less frustration.

More Features ...

  • Speaker Library

    Unlimited access to the recording of all Speaker presentations and Forum discussions.

  • Online Private Community Group

    Build upon connections.

    Continue the conversation.

    Share Resources.

    Ask questions, receive feedback, explore ideas and more!

  • Activate! Resource Library

    Access to a variety of great resources shared within the community saving you time, energy and money.

  • Priority Access to Special Events

Membership Is for Me!

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If Activate! is not right for you, right now, consider The Forum level of membership to get you started.

Our Commitment to Creating an IMPACT

As an Impact Business, our MoreThanGreen program is our commitment to the triple bottom line, social impact and making the world a better place!  We are on a trajectory to become a certified B-Corp.

We donate more than 2% of gross revenues to charity every year! 

We also volunteer & mentor hundreds of hours each year.

All while we consider our impact on the environment, and that of our suppliers, and every client in every decision.

Learn more 


Changing the world through business by changing how business is done!

Small changes and small steps can create massive impact.

Melissa McCreery

Your Investment

Activate! is focused on bringing you, the social purpose leader, top value learning opportunities, engaging speakers, a community that fosters camaraderie, collegial support and encouragement, and tools, resources, and solutions for you to advance organizational growth and leadership to make a difference in the lives of people through your mission.

We serve a global community, believing it brings greater learning and collaboration, while scaling our impact as mission-driven leaders.  Combining non-profit leaders with social purpose business leaders helps build the non-profit - business relationships needed for the maximum social impact of the future.

We have based our fee for international members on the US dollar.  Because Ignite Leadership is located in Canada, we offer our Canadian members a CAD payment option.

I'm Ready to Activate!

Canadian Leaders - See our CAD options

Your Host

Catherine Rocheleau has over three decades of experience leading and transforming small and medium sized business and non-profit organizations.  As the executive director, she transitioned the organization to a virtual structure to better meet the needs of the province, while scaling the organization and boosting revenues by 400%.

Catherine is the founder and CEO of a social-impact business that is committed to changing the world through business by changing how business is done.  As a Business IMPACT Strategist, executive coach and organizational change professional, she works with business and non-profit leaders to lead thriving organizations that are great places to work and make a positive impact in the world.

She is the creator of the Impact Business Blueprint course, founder of the Ignite Impact Collective and host of the Activate! membership program for non-profit and social purpose leaders, and the soon to be launched Accelerate Group Coaching program and Amplify Mastermind.

Not sure if Activate! is right for you?

Book a call with Catherine to get your questions answered.

If Activate! is not right for you, right now, consider The Forum level of membership to get you started.

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