How to Create your Ideal Career Path, Navigate Career Transitions, Stay on Track and Create the Results you Deserve with Less Stress and Distraction.

Are YOU ready to navigate career setbacks & transitions, unleash opportunities and be a catalyst who creates a meaningful and fulfilling career path for yourself?


I am somewhat confident in saying that if you have goals that cause you to take on new challenges or travel down paths you haven't been before you've stumbled on a challenge here and there. 

No matter if you are a front line worker, team lead, manager or executive, or just entering the work force , I am sure the bumps probably caused you to stumble yet you were most likely able to quickly course correct. However, sometimes you get stuck, become distracted or unsure of next steps to take. 

Have you considered reaching out to work with a mentor who offers the support, encouragement and a different perspective and experience to help you will recover and turn inertia into momentum?

Other times, you experience a set-back that shakes you.  These setbacks may cause you to question your career path, your goals and have you asking yourself "what was I thinking?".  When this happens, you know if you are to move forward you can't do it alone.  Frustration, sheer determination or a strong vision will drive you to hit the re-ignition switch!

No matter what the situation, facing it head-on and becoming the catalyst of your own destiny puts you in the drivers seat.


Why Am I passionate about ActionTakers-Career?

Believe me, I have faced my fair share of ups and downs, and like a resilient bunny,,, I keep going!  Nothing can stop me (but sometimes it slows me down!).  Many of my clients have been in the same situation... so this isn't new territory... you are not alone!

What I do know is that when you get clear on what you want to achieve, why its important to you, your life, your career, and how to take the right steps something changes inside and ripples outward.  This is the point when you start to create the success you know is possible -- all with the support, encouragement, and techniques from your coach behind you!

I love to collaborate with my clients, support them, cheer them on, and most importantly watch their transformations and accomplishments come to life!  What matters to you is that I am driven to help YOU succeed!

Can You Relate to one of these situations?

  • You are a business professional facing setbacks or changes that require you to pivot and you are looking to partner with a mentor so you take action, create accountability to yourself, and become a CareerAccelerator.
  • You are in a new leadership position or starting a new project and you want to hit the start button and be a ResultsGenerator.
  • You are ready to take action today to integrate your values into your organization, and become an IMPACTMaker?
  • You are looking to share your knowledge and skills so you assist others and become an InfluenceCreator.
  • You are building or leading a team and want to create a strong culture, elevate innovation and deliver superior customer support and become a LeadershipCollaborator?

ActionTakers-Career Is for You if...


You are a navigating a career tract and looking to peel back the mask, get to the core of what you want, identify how to get there and most importantly you are ready, willing, committed and able do what it takes to catapult your career forward or through change.

Whether you are making progress & would love some extra support to keep you on track or want to achieve more faster, or you are tired of feeling stuck, feeling frustrated with setbacks, or not knowing how to get going on a new idea, ActionTakers - Career is right for you!

This Program Is Not For You If:


You are happy with the status-quo, unready put in the work and to follow-through on your intention to travel the career of your dreams, you are not ready to be accountable to yourself, your professional growth.


If this program is not for you and/or you believe you need more support each week from a mentor, please ask about our other programs.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” 

— Steve Jobs

Your ActionTakers-Career Program Includes...

  • UNLIMITED 20-minute laser coaching sessions for 6 months

    Each ActionTaker coaching call is 20 minutes  – long enough for us to check-in on your progress, explore/discuss/brainstorm ideas and then determine the next step needed to keep you on track and moving forward to your goals.  Come prepared and make the most of each and every minute we have together — time passes quickly!

  • 30-minute ActionTaker Planning Session

    Your very first call will be a 30-minute planning session where we come up with a custom plan designed to give you clarity, help you to navigate the changes, overcome the obstacles and create a fulfilling career that reflects your goals and dreams.

  • Agreed Upon "Homework"

    At the end of each ActionTakers call, we will agree upon what actions you will complete before your next session.  Your homework ensures you take immediate action!  It keeps you accountable to you and your goals!  Completing your homework is a requirement before booking your next ActionTakers coaching call.

  • Recordings of Every ActionTaker Session

    Recordings of your ActionTakers call ensures you can stay engaged and focused in our conversation instead of having to take notes. Listen to our session again to extract even more nuggets.

  • Email Support Between Calls

    Don’t worry if you have questions or get stuck when completing your homework.  You have a lifeline —  email support to guide you on your action step so you can get it done.

  • Accountability through Action

    Tracking your progress in real time stimulates continued momentum. Our unique HabitBuilder will help you embrace the behaviours needed to achieve your career goals, and turn those new behaviours into lasting habits and impactful change. It will be the best 2 minutes of your day!


You will receive complimentary access to our Igniters Group.  In these sessions you will hear from experts and leaders on a wide variety of topics designed to assist and support you in your career path.  Formats include interviews, panel discussions, interactive Q&A, training, resource sharing, skill development and more!

Action is the foundational key to all success.

-- Pablo Picasso

If you're ready...

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Yes...I'm Ready be an ActionTaker!6 mos. Unlimited Laser Coaching for only $1997 US

If you reside in Canada, please contact us to discuss CAD payment options.

If you are Committed, Ready, Willing & Able to Take Action, but still have questions ...

book a call with Catherine... and let's get those questions answered!

During our initial planning session, if we determine this is not the right program for you, I will refund the full amount of the program.


After the initial planning session, there are no refunds.

Your ActionTaker Coach

Catherine Rocheleau, IMPACT Strategist


Navigating a career path that is fulfilling, and lets you use your skills to the fullest, and offers a great place to work is more important than ever before.

Catherine’s career has spanned many different sectors including retail, healthcare, government, non-profit, corporate and entrepreneurship.

As a Coach, Catherine’s approach is focused, action-oriented and supportive. Her clients say her brilliance lies in her ability to see their vision, and the steps needed to get there.

She is now a is a 3-time best-selling author, award-winning leader, speaker and Executive Business Coach with over 25 years’ experience.

Catherine is on a mission to change the world through business by changing the rules of business!  Her MoreThanGreen™ social impact program has underpinned her business for well over a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Coaching?

Laser coaching is a coaching model that involves short 20-minute sessions.  Each of which is considered to be intense because we focus on your issue, not the "backstory" or related situations.  In other words, we will focus on where you are now and where you want to go, and what action you need to take to get there -- with a bit of brainstorming, problem-solving or process development thown-in as time permits.

What we will laser in on during each session:
• What is the current problem/challenge?
• Key points so you gain clarity on the situation
• Address your fears or concerns and convert them to opportunities
• Set a goal
• Create accountability (your homework to be completed before your next call)

Our time together is short and focused but heart-centred and on purpose -- all while striving to supporting the right actions and results!


Why is this program so reasonable?

The main reason is that you take on the accountability role for your own actions and results instead of the Coach.

    • You schedule each ActionTaker call when you are ready (and have done your homework).
    • You come prepared to each session so we can focus on the main roadblock, and create a plan to burst through the obstacles.
    • You take action after each coaching session so you keep moving forward.

Secondly, you save time!


Why is there not a payment plan?

This program is priced for maximum value and a high return on investment far below our regular coaching rate.  Everything is set up for saving you time and money!

In fact, most of our clients claim they received the full value of their investment in the program during the first month.  We're confident you will too!


What if I realize this program isn't right for me?

Once you purchase the ActionTakers-Career Program, we will meet for your initial planning session.  During this call, if we determine this is not the right program for you, we will return the full purchase price.

Once you agree to move forward beyond the initial planning call, you are deemed to be in the laser coaching process and there are no refunds.  We can however apply the price of the ActionTakers program toward one of our other programs that is better suited to your needs.


What if I need to have more coaching time?

There are times when you require more coaching time to gain clarity, explore an issue, and create a breakthrough.  We have different options available to you.

As an ActionTaker, you can purchase a Breakthrough Huddle session whenever you need it.

A BreakThrough Huddle is a 45-minute coaching session where we focus on one challenge and how to release the ties that are holding you back.

Once we break through your glass ceiling and release what's holding you back,  you can return to your ActionTaker calls to keep yourself moving forward without skipping a beat!


Need more than a Breakthrough Huddle OR a different solution?

Our business and executive coaching packages offer more extensive coaching, support and resources tailored around your unique needs.

Whatever support you need, we can customize the package for you, your team, your organization!

What is the SPARK process?

Our proven 5-step process that guides every aspect of your business to move from idea to sustained results and continued improvement.

Step One: Set Your Intention:  Dream big!  What is it you want to achieve? Now is the time to set your direction and to commit to yourself, your career and your goals. Where are you now? Why is your goal important to you? How will this intention align with your heart, your values, compensation expectations and more? Step One gives clarity of vision, purpose and the desired outcome(s) for yourself (at work and at home) so you can...

Step Two: Create a Purposeful Plan:  A plan is your roadmap. It provides a strong foundation so you can identify your objectives, understand the timeframes, create the systems needed to implement and know what you want from your career and how to get there.  It also helps you identify the tools needed so you can deliver the results you want to achieve so you reach your goals faster in order to take ...

Step Three: Agile Action:  Unleash your goals by taking action…one step at a time! As Nelson Mandela said… “Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.” Take action in manageable steps and quickly and efficiently as new information, changes, opportunities and trends present themselves.  We can all take action, however, when you align your actions with your vision, purpose and your life and career goals you will save time, energy and resources and can get navigate obstacles and leverage opportunities as they present themselves.  This allows you to...

Step Four:  Recognize the Gaps and Rejig.  When you take action fast, not everything you plan and implement will be awesome the first time out of the gate.  Frustrating but true… What gaps exist? What didn’t work as planned? Where are you getting stuck? Your review process is based on feedback, metrics and other data that allow you to navigate any needed course corrections without losing speed all so you …

Step Five:  Keep Advancing Forward.  Growth happens when you move forward and achieve a desired result or course correct to overcome challenges and more! Dreams are realized when you grow, continually improve and strive to fulfill your goals, stay aligned to what's important to you, and makes an impact.


How are coaching calls offered?

We use Zoom for all of our coaching calls.  This  allows us to record your call, share screens and map out ideas on the whiteboard.  Best of all... no travel and no long distance phone charges.

You will require a stable internet connection, a computer, tablet or mobile phone with camera and microphone and a quiet, non-distracting location.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, click here to learn more.


How do I book my ActionTakers sessions?

After each ActionTakers session, you will receive a summary message with your recording, copies of any whiteboards created, the agreed upon homework to be done before you book your next ActionTakers session, and a customized link to book your next call.

As part of the scheduling process, you will have to upload your homework and answer a few questions.  If you book and have not completed the homework your booking will be cancelled.


Do you want to know who you are?

Don’t ask. Act!

Action will delineate and define you. 

-- Thomas Jefferson

Yes...I'm Ready be an ActionTaker!1 yr Unlimited Laser Coaching for only $1997 US

If you reside in Canada, please contact us to discuss CAD payment options.

If you are Committed, Ready, Willing & Able to TakeAction, but still have questions book a call with Catherine... let's get them answered!

During our initial planning session, if we determine this is not the right program for you, I will refund the full amount of the program.

After the initial planning session, there are no refunds.