Why Choose Ignite Leadership?

We know there are many business consultants and coaches to choose from


1. A Unique Full Service Offering

Most business consultants and coaches excel at working with you to create strategies and plans to get you where you want to go. We are particularly good at this, however, much more than this, we offer a full suite of project execution services, allowing us to step in and not only plan the project, but to make sure it gets done. We understand that during a heavy growth period, the extra resources required to get projects done are not always available. We offer full services, and we stand behind that by making sure we can take care of everything you need.

2. Knowledge and Experience

We are a team of highly credentialed professionals, with decades of experience. Our founder and CEO, Catherine Rocheleau, is an MBA graduate and a registered dietitian. Our entire team has one thing in common, each team member is a lifelong learner, and together we have helped advance dozens of businesses and organizations.

3. Superior Quality

We have very high standards and guarantee the best quality workmanship. We know that quality is an essential differentiator for those seeking to get to the head of the pack. We deliver quality so that you can too.

4 Communication

Advancing an organization is a team project; no one person can do it alone. And in order to be aligned, with everyone pulling in the same direction, we must communicate. We are zealously keen on two-way communications, we listen as much as we talk. We know that’s how progress happens.

5 Flexibility

We are there when you need us, and we go away when you don’t need us. When you need something quickly, we can accelerate the process. We are completely flexible to your needs, and your timelines.

6 Integrity and Respect

When we start to work with you, we become your trusted servants. We can be counted on to act in your best interests at all time. As well we are keenly aware and respectful of your goals and objectives; after all it’s your business or organization. We understand when to defer to your wishes, and to ensure we track our progress against them.

7. Workflow

Experience tells us the best workflow for your projects, and we intuitively guide you through projects to a successful conclusion.

8. Best Practices

Everything we do is built on best practices; tried and tested methodologies that have been proven by many before us.

9. Accountability

We can be trusted to be 100% accountable for the quality of our work and support to you at all times. We deliver excellence and will not settle for less.

10. Reputation

Our success is founded on what others have to say about us. We have worked with dozens of businesses and organizations, and all of them have been extremely happy with out work. Please take a moment to read what our clients have to say about us.


Is it time to implement changes and get a better ROI (return on investment) in your business? Contact us for a complimentary discussion on leading your business forward today.

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