Sustainability and Community Engagement

Giving back is part of our DNA

At Ignite Leadership International we are fiercely committed to supporting those in need, and to reducing our footprint wherever feasible. We know we can’t do it all, so we have carefully selected a number of key projects that strongly resonate with us, to focus on.

Our More Than GreenTM approach

Ignite Leadership International embraces a More Than Green™ approach in our business activities:

  • We recognize the value of people, planet, and profit as equally valuable facets to business
  • We recognize this effort is a work in progress and will conduct semi-annual reviews and report the steps we are taking
  • We will communicate on our successes as well as our challenges.

More than just talk, we put dollars on it

We know a lot of businesses today say they are committed. We do more than just that, we donate 2% of our revenues, up to $10,000 annually, to the pre-determined charities and causes we support. So you will want work with us, knowing your dollars are hard at work supporting those in need.

Our Annual IMPACT Report

Starting in 2018, we took a fresh look at our impact efforts and the metrics we use to measure the change we make in the world.  This process is an evolutionary one, and we are committed to delivering on our promise to create positive change through business.  Our IMPACT reports are designed to share our efforts with you.

2018 – 2019

The charities we have committed to support each year

Canadian Athletes NowSupporting our Olympic athletes who give us so much pleasure to watch and cheer for! As Olympians they become great leaders, teammates and innovators in business—traits we value and work to enhance with our clients and partners.
Soldier OnSupporting the members of our forces when they are injured or disabled. It is those brave men and women who allow us to live in peace and freedom.
Alzheimer Society - CanadaIn memory of Catherine’s Grandmother who fought this disease. We believe family is so important. As a knowledge-based company, our minds are central to what we offer. Supporting people with this disease, and those near to them, is important to providing quality of life
KidSport CanadaHelping all kids to play sport, build leadership and team spirit, and be healthy!

In 2019 we have a variety of initiatives to give back and donate to our community.  More to follow.

In 2018, we

  • Donated $8 from every ticket sold to TEDxStanleyPark purchased using our link. 
  • Volunteered at the WestCoast LEAF Equality Breakfast Event
  • We hosted Ignite Connections Social events for business professionals & small business owners.  Donations were made to our designated charities.

In 2017, we also made donations or supported the following charities that are not included in the 1% stated above:

  • The Poppy Campaign
  • Down’s Syndrome Research Foundation

In 2016, we also made donations or supported the following additional charities that are not included in the 1% stated above:

  • Red Cross – Alberta Fires Relief
  • Canuck Place Children’s Hospice
  • YWCA of Greater Vancouver
  • The Poppy Campaign

In 2015 we also made donations to help other charities as part of our business that are not included in the 1% stated above:

  • Royal Arch Masonic Homes Funding Society
  • The Poppy Campaign
  • YWCA of Greater Vancouver
  • The Project Change Foundation

See our How We’re Making a Difference blog post for 2015.

Where we volunteer

Just as we mentioned above, we believe in giving back. That’s why we like to volunteer and get involved in communities where we work and live.

In 2019, Catherine Rocheleau has donated 100 hours so far to community and mentoring efforts.

In 2018, Catherine Rocheleau donated 400 hours to community and mentoring efforts.

In 2017, Catherine Rocheleau donated over 150 hours to community and mentoring efforts.

In 2016, Catherine Rocheleau donated over 75 hours to community and mentoring efforts.

In 2015 Catherine Rocheleau  donated over 75 hours to community and mentoring efforts.

Strata CouncilVice-President
Burnaby Board of TradeMembership Chair
Chief Ambassador
Membership Committee
Nominations Committee
Women's Business Success Network -
Policy Committee

Access Program,
Burnaby Board of Trade
Business, Sales & Marketing,
Human Resources
Professional Advisory Council
for Ashton College
Program Advisor2014-2018
WestCoast LEAF Equality BreakfastGreeter/Usher2018
Hockey Night In Canada Play On! TournamentVolunteer2016
Golf Fore GalsVolunteer (Social Media
team, Golf Show Booth)
102nd Grey Cup FestivalVolunteer & Training
Committee Co-Manager
EntrepreneurMomNowContributing Author2013
Fairleigh Dickinson University -
Business Department
Mentor2012, 2013
Fairleigh Dickinson University –
Business Department
Guest Lecturer
Woman Magazine
Contributing Author2010 to 2012
Vancouver Golf &
Travel Show
Volunteer -
various roles
2011 and 2012
99th Grey Cup FestivalVolunteer Orientation &
Training Committee -
Orientation Manual Lead
99th Grey Cup FestivalCoordinator --
Volunteer Viewing Room
Women's Enterprise
Gastrointestinal SocietyBoard of Directors -
2010 - 2011
Canadian Society of
Intestinal Research
Board of Directors -
2010 - 2011

Embracing the value of our team members

Best said by this Steve Jobs quote:

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. 

  • We regularly refer members of our team who offer contracted services.
  • We create and welcome joint venture opportunities wherever possible.
  • We recognize individual contributions as well as special occasions in the lives of our team members.
  • We create a diverse work environment built on trust and free of discrimination, harassment and bullying.
  • Suppliers are external team members. As part of our team, we aim to use suppliers who also embrace all aspects of our sustainability values.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle

We reduce our carbon footprint in travel by:

  • Operating as a virtual office.
  • Buying local.
  • Using technology where possible to connect with and support our clients and deliver our programs.
  • Combine trips where possible to limit travel.
  • Carpooling.
  • Smarter scheduling of face-to-face meetings.
  • Use transit where feasible (over 90% of our travel into the downtown core is taken using public transit). We have extended our use of transit and shared transportation to other areas in Metro Vancouver and during business trips.

We reduce our energy use by:

  • Upgrading our equipment regularly to energy-star rated models
  • Turn off monitors when away from our desk & computers put in sleep mode.
  • Turn off lights and equipment when not in use.
  • Engage energy saving mode for computers when not in use.
  • Lights have been changed to LED where these options are possible.
  • Room temperature reduced by 1 C.
    • We use sweaters, wraps or a lap blanket if needed.
  • Washrooms have water-wise faucets and low-flow toilets.

We reduce our use of paper:

  • We use recycled or sustainable products wherever possible
    • In 2019 we converted our paper to 85% sugar cane
  • We print double sided for most of our documents, unless otherwise requested, or where not possible
  • Maintain less paper files and more electronic files.
  • Our accounting is now almost exclusively electronic which significantly reduces paper and storage needs
  • Our major print products are printed using a CFC certified shop on paper with a minimum of 83% recycled content
  • In collaboration with our clients, we have identified ways to offer non-paper options for the work we produce on their behalf.

We recycle:

  • All paper and cardboard products as permitted (and shredded).
  • All glass, plastics, flexible packaging and styrofoam as permitted.
    • We participated in a beta program for the recycling of flexible plastic packaging.
  • All electronics, light bulbs and batteries, through charitable organizations or non-profits that embrace sustainable methods.
  • Food waste is limited and avoided where possible.  We participate in food waste organics program.

We reuse:

  • Reuseable bags are used instead of using plastic or paper bags whenever possible.
  • Office supplies for internal use are re-used to maximize their life.
  • Equipment that is no longer required is donated or sold so others can use it.
  • Use reusable cups instead of disposable whenever possible.
  • Use reusable cutlery instead of disposable whenever possible.

Our Pledge for A Sustainable Community

pledge_MemberButton_FAWe have taken the Pledge with the Burnaby Board of Trade, to publicly share our commitment to sustainability in all parts of our community. Learn more about our pledge

As a small business, we are proud to be at an intermediate level.

Advancing Our Business Sustainability Efforts 

In every business advancing forward is important.  At Ignite Leadership we aim to be the best we can in all areas of our business efforts.  The next level for our commitment to sustainability and the triple bottom line is to become a certified B-Corporation.  We have begun the process to navigate this change in how we do business.  Our goal is to submit our application for certification in 2019. We encourage you to do the same. More information on B Corps.

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