A Turning Point Awaits

February 19th 2015 is New Year’s Day in the Chinese lunar calendar and the beginning of the Year of the Goat.  Threset buttonis offers you an opportunity to start your 2015 year over or press the reset button!

According to Chinese astrology, there are five element – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.   The astrological summaries indicate 2015 is an earth/wood year and therefore it will be a turning point for many.  If you have had success in the past two years, you will have to make changes to sustain that success.  If you have been challenged or building toward a goal, this may just be the year for your goals to come to fruition and create your new future.

goat-yearSo will you be setting the reset button on your new year?

Are you ready to turn that corner to level up and advance results?

Is it time to shift gears and align your business and your personal goals to create a new beginning?


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