5 tips to Attract the Right Employee

I recently assisted a client to recruit a manager in their organization.  It was the second time they were recruiting in the past 6 months.  The successful candidate from the first hire decided the job was not a good fit for them and their career aspirations.   The employee was a great candidate,  met all the criteria and was excited to work in a progressive organization.   Within 4 months the new manager realized this was not their dream job and a wrong fit career-wise.  The employer was simultaneously realizing the same things, and the manager submitted their resignation.   Its a sad ending to an otherwise good process.  Having to rehire so soon does impact overall productivity and team dynamics within the business, and costs money.  Unfortunately, this scenario is more common that you may think.

There are many things you, as an employer, can do to ensure you hire the right person for the right job.  For the second round of hiring, my client and I obtained good feedback from the current manager to ensure we selected a candidate who would embrace the position and its diversity.  This involved revamping interview and reference check questions to focus on some of the really unique areas of the position and the innovative side of the candidate.  The job description was reviewed and clearly reflected the role with a few minor tweaks.   The interview process really differentiated the candidates and my client feels confident this new candidate will be a strong fit.  The candidate welcomes the opportunity to expand their role outside normal parameters too.

In a recent article by Doug Donald, sent to me by vancouverjobshop.ca, Donald shared the following tips so you can stand out in today’s workforce.

“1. Get your name out there – Push your brand out through as many channels as possible to show potential employees what you do and what it’s like toVacancy ID-10033581 work for you. Use social media to post pictures of happy employees and new products, comments about your company’s mission and vision, and posts announcing promotions and events. Build a strategy that creates a strong impression of why it’s great to work for your company.

2. Write a compelling job description – State clearly what the job entails and avoid internal jargon that may confuse outsiders. The highest quality workers want opportunities to advance and contribute immediately. Whenever possible present each job as an opportunity to work in a team environment, learn and take one’s career a step forward. Briefly talk about your organization’s culture, employee accomplishments and other highlights. Mention employee benefits, too.

3. Show them the money – Great employees are worth what they earn, and their value only increases the longer they work for you. If you’re serious about getting the right people, be willing to pay them what’s competitive for their services.

4. Make it easy to apply – If you’ve filled out an online job application recently you know how frustrating it can be to enter and re-enter information. It’s especially aggravating when technology fails and you lose even a portion of the application. Don’t lose a great hire simply because your competitor’s application process is easier – make yours as easy and intuitive as possible.

5. Be human – Be friendly when communicating with applicants and put people at ease when they visit for an interview. Introduce them to other employees and provide a tour of your workspace so they can form a mental picture of themselves working there.”


What action steps do you have to take today to ensure you recruit the right person tomorrow?

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