3 R’s of Goals – Will You Be Prepared?

We are now 8 1/2 months into 2012 —

have you completed at least seventy five percent of your annual goals?

August is always a great time to review what you have accomplished so far  and to consider what changes are needed to meet your annual goals.  My strategic goals are such an important component in my business success.  My strategic  goals  are the longer term goals that I want to achieve in the coming year.  Each quarter I create quarterly, and then monthly goals which will keep me on track and focused on what I want to achieve while I maintain a successful business and continually introduce new tools, programs and products.

Set Time for Review

Too often our lives become so full of day to day activities that we can go off target.  You may relate to this situation.  What steps do you take to ensure you’re not veering  off course?  It always surprises me at how many people fail to set goals, or fail to review them regularly.  No matter how busy you get, taking time to review and rejig your goals and action plans is critical to sustainable success.

September for many is the another new beginning in the year, the last push to achieve those goals.  August offers a unique opportunity  with the  lazy days of summer still upon us.  The lull in business is prime time for you to take time and check-in with yourself.  Is your career where you

want it to be?  Is your business reaching its targets?  Are you enjoying your life and getting in time to relax and enjoy family,  friends and your hobbies?

Recognized Gaps & Accomplishments

When you review your progress against your goals, gaps will be identified and significant accomplishments recognized.  If you find more gaps than successes, it is time to review why this has occurred.  Did you fail to set clear action plans that connected to your quarterly and strategic goals?  What external factors may be impacting your success?  What internal factors have interfered with your original plans?

Too often people set their goals for the year and then put them in a filing cabinet or computer folder never to be looked at again.  Successful business leaders regularly review their goals and identify the gaps and items achieved.  Gaps represent opportunities for positive change and accomplishments should be recognized and celebrated.  They reflect your successes.

Rejig and Reset

Goals are not set in stone.  Instead they are a work in progress.  They are a plan that is designed to make you stretch and grow and fulfill your desires or dreams.  If you want a promotion or a 7 figure business, these goals require longer term focus and effort.  Annual goals, along with the

While working towards your strategic goals, life happens!  This means new opportunities come your way, distractions happen and set-backs get in the way.  Your quarterly reviews allow you to reassess where you are now in comparison to where you want to be.   Readjusting your goals to be more realist to current environments, incorporating new information or opportunities will improve your overall success.

It is not uncommon for me to have a very aggressive plan for the year which is rejigged during the year.  Some components are scaled back, others are postponed to another year.  Others may be increased, when I have more successes than originally anticipated.  At the end of the year, review your goals again and what you achieve, make more adjustments and create new goals for the next year.

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