10 Actions to take for Earth Day 2014

With Earth Day 2014 upon us, I thought I would share EarthDay.ca Top Ten Actions to Take to reduce your impact on the environment.  You can download them too.

Beach FootprintMy More Than Green program outlines the many things I do within my business to walk the talk and operate with a Triple Bottom Line approach.  In looking at the 10 Actions, here are some of my results.

1.  Smart Shopping — I no longer buy “silly” things that don’t have a use or things that aren’t going to last – they end up in the land fill too quickly.  This includes office and promotional items.

2.  Simple Savers — I have replaced almost all lights with LED’s.  The remaining few are either fluorescent or halogen (where alternatives aren’t available).  Along with shutting down unnecessary equipment and operating in power saver mode, these changes have  resulted in a decrease of about 20% in my electricity consumption in the past 2 years.

3.  Transportation Alternatives  — I use public transportation to many events in the downtown core or when I have to travel out of town from the airport.  I average about 40 – 50% and I carpool many more times than I travel alone.

4.  Close to Home — I operate Ignite Leadership International™ as a virtual organization. This allows each team member to work from their own home office.  We connect with our clients and with each other via phone, skype or even video conference to limit the trips we have to make.   This approach allows us to work with local and global clients effectively.

5.  Don’t Discard — All old electronics are recycled using approved recycling depots or charitable organizations who follow stringent methods.  All paper is shredded and recycled, as is newspaper, plastics, styrofoam, cardboard.  We also take any hazardous waste items like batteries to the approved drop-off locations.

This highlights just some of our efforts to meet our community and business obligations.  It is always my intention as CEO to make new strides every year.

To further my commitment, Ignite Leadership International™ has taken the Sustainability Pledge through the Burnaby Board of Trade.  Learn more…   I encourage you to do the same!

What actions have you taken to keep Earth the precious resource we have to live and work?  What results have you achieved from your efforts?

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