Catherine Rocheleau, MBA, RD
Founder & CEO

If corporate teams are orchestras trying to make music, Catherine Rocheleau is the band leader helping them hit all the right notes.

A leadership expert experienced in working with corporations, governments, the public sector and non-profits, Catherine specializes in helping small to medium sized companies’ performance by improving team dynamics. With years of experience in addressing internal problems, she has a unique perspective.

“Continual improvement and learning are fundamental to individual and group success. Creating this culture within an organization helps establish the skills required to be agile and able to respond to today’s fast pace of change.”

Tapping into leading approaches such as Actionable Conversations®, DISC assessments and collaboration reports, leadership or team coaching and training, allows Catherine to guide clients through critical issues thwarting effective communication, learning and growth.

“I want my approach with clients to be solution-focused with measurable results and impact. It’s important – that whatever we’ve done together – we’ve made a significant difference.”

What Clients Say