Executive Business Coaching

Executive  Business Coaching

Leadership Coaching


“Everyone needs a coach”  Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO)

Change is a happening around you every day.  Whether you have made the decision to change your approach to leadership, engage your team, restructure or grow your business, or implement new products or services, your coach can help you fulfill your potential, enhance your performance, navigate your transformation or manage and embrace the change process. 

Executive Coaching offers you the support and techniques that will help individuals, teams and organizations achieve optimal effectiveness.


Do you want to work with an experienced business leader with a proven track record?

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Are you trying to juggle too many balls and feel overwhelmed, frustrated or just know you can achieve more?

Do you want to gain clarity, overcome hurdles and navigate the change process?

Are you wanting to engage your team to achieve enhanced performance?

Is it time to embrace executive strategies to restructure or grow your business?


Ignite Leadership International Coaches will support you through:

Strategic and confidential discussions and brainstorming sessions with an objective perspective on issues important to you

Planning and problem solving using proven approaches to achieve sustainable leadership and change

Accountability to keep you focused and moving forward

Recognition and reviews to ensure continuous improvement that leverages your strengths

Kindling of your passion to reignite your vision, tap your unlimited potential by honing your skills & insights so you are a stronger, more effective leader.


Work with an experienced business leader!

Let me help you identify the Executive Business Coaching program

that is Right for You!

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Gold Plus Leader:

This top level program is our most in-depth program for the fastest and deepest results.  This program is ideal for a leader or business owner who is willing to dedicate significant time and effort to make the changes necessary to achieve significant results faster.  More customized than any other program, the Gold Plus Leader engages Coach and Client as a team, working to delve deep  into your goals, systems and opportunities to grow and develop professionally and personally, while adding value to your business.

If you want to dig deep, face struggles, find solutions,

This is program requires a 6 month commitment and includes:

  • four 60 minute one-on-one telephone or in person sessions each month for 6 months
  • a 60 minute follow-up session, within 6 weeks after the program ends
  • email support between meetings to help you continue your progress during the 7.5 months
  • worksheets and resources
  • Behaviour Assessment — receive an extensive report that will provide feedback on how you think, work and communicate so you can make the changes needed to get better results from yourself and others.

Do you want to work with an experienced business leader with a proven track record?

As an experienced professional, business owner and leader, I bring my experience to each session

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Gold Leader:

This is our most popular program.  It offers a very in-depth program designed to achieve the greatest results.  It is ideal if you are ready to dig deep and make positive changes so you catapult your career and business to greater success.  If you are dissatisfied with your own lack of progress in moving forward or less than stellar results, this program is designed for you!

If you are willing to commit to a 6 month assignment to gain clarity and focus and move your goals and dreams to the fore-front, rather than simmering on the back-burner, our Gold Leader program is the right choice.

The Gold Leader program includes

  • three 60 minute one-on-one telephone or in-person sessions each month for 6 months
  • a 30 minute follow-up session, within1 month after the program ends
  • email support during the program and in the follow-up month
  • ITT Behaviour Assessment
  • worksheets and resources

Work to achieve real results  with proven approaches!

  Reserve your Complimentary Exploration Session Today!


Silver Leader:

This package is designed for the person who is tight for time but dedicated to making change in their leadership style or the results they achieve.  The Silver Leader involves a six month commitment which will focus on the SPARKTM framework to gain clarity, create a plan and the action steps to move forward.  Systems to review your progress and keep going will be integrated as part of the process.

The Silver Leader program includes

  • two 60 minute one-on-one telephone sessions each month for 6 months
  • a 30 minute follow-up session, within1 month after the program ends
  • email support during the program and in the follow-up month
  • worksheets and resources
         Bonus: Enneagram Assessment

If you wait you delay your success.  What is the cost to you?

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This package is ideal if you are the type of person who has never invested in your own leadership development before or you have one small and very focused issue you wish to work on.  This one month starter program will give you some experience with the coaching approach.

The Starter programme includes:

  • an initial assessment
  • three 45-minute one-on-one telephone laser coaching sessions.
  • Worksheets and resources

At the end of our time together you will have a solution or plan in place.  Alternatively you may wish to tackle another issue.

  Reserve your Complimentary Exploration Session Today!


When you lead yourself or your team through transitions, its not uncommon to slip back into old habits.  The Re-igniter programme is intended for past clients who wish to make a quick readjustment to get back on course.  Together we decide if you need only one or two sessions so you regain the helm.


Add On Options:

  • 360 evaluations
  • Work Shadowing
  • Team Facilitation


More Than Green ™ Give Back:

                              1% of all fees will be donated to our More Than Green Charities


Are You Ready to Propel Forward?

Now, take the first step in propelling yourself and your business or career forward by completing an initial consultation interview with me.

Each call is approximately 30 – 45 min in duration and focused on you.

During your Complimentary Exploration Session, we will explore your challenges and dreams to gain clarity on issues to tackle so you move forward and raise your game to a new level.

Please book at least 24 hours in advance

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