Group Coaching Programs

Is it time to make great strides forward?

Are you frustrated or feeling isolated in your career/business?

Are you open to the support and ideas others can bring to the table?

Never worked with a Executive Business Coach and want to see how it can help you?

Do you make excuses because you keep missing the mark?

Are you in the first two years of business and want support to create a solid foundation?


Our Business Group Coaching program is the program for you!


 What will you get?

  • Introductory Focus Session with your Coach
    • To help you set your goals and focus your energies during the program
  • Access to 3 x 1 hour conference calls per month for 6 months
    • Calls are recorded so you can listen to a replay and glean more value
  • Access to a private on-line Group Discussion Board
    • Connect with other participants between sessions
    • Obtain feedback, brainstorm or discuss issues
    • Share resources and ideas
      • Access recorded calls
  • Access to our On-line Portal
    • Worksheets and Exercises to keep you focused and progressing
    • Get help from your Executive Business Coach between calls
    • Stay accountable to your goals

Space is limited to only 15 participants in any one Coaching cohort!  This assures you can have personal coaching, questions addressed and support between calls.


When we work with you on the call,

you have our full attention –

exactly the same as in our 1:1 coaching sessions.


Isn’t it time to flip the Ignition Switch on YOUR Success?

Sign Up Today 

Payment options are available.  Contact us directly for more information.

How is this different to our Executive Business Coaching Program?

Image:  sheelamohan |

Image: sheelamohan |

  • All coaching is done in a virtual group setting
    • You may have a small issue one week and a larger question another week — this format makes each session great value when these fluctuations occur.
    • Video conferencing calls offers the next best option to in-person sessions.
  • Others listen in as we coach you on your issue
    • Often participants have similar concerns/issues and you benefit when others are being coached
    • Cumulative Value to you – when you are coached the focus of the coaching is on you alone, plus you learn whiles listening in to others.
  • Accountability to complete ‘your homework’ lies on your shoulders
    • The Group Discussion Board will help you stay accountable to your dreams and goals when you participate actively and share your progress
  • Leverage the insights of the group
    • The diversity of the group adds to the experience when everyone stays involved
  • Very Affordable
    • The cost is shared between the group making it more reasonable for each participant
  • Flexibility
    • You can attend each coaching call, some of the calls or only part of a call.
    • Calls are held at different times and on different days to best meet  diverse schedules
  • All calls are recorded
    • Re-listening to a call allows you to review your session so you can focus on the session as it happens instead of taking notes


  Learning is more effective when it is active rather than a passive process.


Our Group Coaching Program

1.  Set your Intentions! 

Gain clarity on where you want to go, what you want to achieve, and why!

2.  Prepare and Plan

Once clear on what you want to achieve, we will work on your action plan, the processes needed, and who is needed to help you realize your vision.

3.  Be Accountable

As you implement your action plans, you will remain accountable to yourself.  Each week you will complete your Weekly Debrief so we can be effective as your accountability partner.

Bring your questions, concerns, challenges to each session and we can help you breakthrough your own glass ceiling and activate the next steps.

4.  Review and Regig

Our on-going sessions offer support as you make any necessary adjustments in your action plans.  Our collaborative  review process will offer insights and feedback, to keep you moving forward.

5.  Keep Focused

Day to day operations can challenge the best of us and lead us astray.  Our online discussion board, biweekly calls and tools provide the framework to maintain a strategic focus on deliverables and outcomes.   Most of all, you are part of a cohort who share your desire to succeed, and achieve more!


It’s been said that of all people who say they’re ready

for change, only 20% of them are ready for action.

Are You Ready?

Why make your success wait!  START TODAY!


More Than Green ™ Give Back:

    1% of all fees will be donated to  one of our charities. 


 Private groups

Contact us to discuss this option if you and your friends / colleagues would like to have a more private setting!

  • A minimum of 6 people are required to set up a private group.
  • Sessions will be booked to fit your schedule where possible.


Let Us Add SPARK to your Business so YOU Ignite Solutions!!


Payment options are available but you have to contact us directly.

Interested but have Questions…Reserve your Complimentary Exploration Session today!

Please book at least 24 hours in advance or I may have to decline your request

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