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According to research conducted by Gallop, trusting conversations between a manager and their employees is the best way to engage employees.  Engaged employees are happier, more productive and innovated.  These factors boost (c) alexwhite Stock Photographythe success a business can achieve.

So, my question for you,

How do you, as a manager, leader or entrepreneur stay motivated and engaged?

Who do you turn to when you want to take the next challenge or face the next obstacle?

 A mastermind group is your personal board of directors and power team!


Who its for? 

Do you feel alone in business and want to connect with other business leaders who can help you propel forward?

If you are a

  • manager,
  • leader,
  • entrepreneur or
  • business professional,

who is dedicated to being the best you can be through professional development and engaging with others, this group is right for you!

How it Works

Coffee and Conversations offers a unique approach to network with other motivated, like-minded business leaders, help identify and extract key learnings from leading business resources, dissect and share insights with the group, be inspired, brainstorm and gain different perspectives and create an action item you can commit to for 30 days.  Our daily on-line check-ins take less than 2 minutes a day for 30 days but, most importantly, they keep your action item top of mind.

Not a Book Club 

400dpiLogoEach meeting begins with a facilitated, in-depth, rich conversation based on a key concept extracted from a leading book or video.  This approach not only amplifies your learning, it also leverages these insights in your business and improves your own engagement in your job.

Leveraging Many Minds

From there, the meeting moves into a full mastermind.  We tackle your issues, ideas, challenges and opportunities.  At each meeting participants provide a short up-date and several members have an opportunity to be in the Ignition Seat.  The Ignition Seat is where the group focuses on you and the issue or topic you wish to discuss, brainstorm, explore or develop… the choice is yours!  All participants will have the hot seat several times during the program.


What You’ll Gain

  • connections from a diverse business group
  • a collaborative atmosphere
  • an action-oriented focus. month-in and month-out
  • the benefits of a mastermind-like format
  • 63e2966fbed6d110e0d9914b65565f9dwider knowledge and more perspectives from our discussions and
  • identify options and resources to leverage your time and energy
  • greater insights on how you can take action to advance yourself, your career or business forward.
  • set your own goals to accomplish and be accountable to your own success.
  • establish the positive behaviour changes  that convert ideas into desired outcomes.

Our online private Linked-In group will keep the conversation going throughout the month to keep you motivated and on tract to achieve your monthly goals.

Our Business Journal helps you set long and short-term goals, track your progress, record insights from the group, and track the results you achieve.


Our Commitment Engine keeps you Actionable!

Our unique commitment engine, powered by Actionable, offers you a daily reminder that facilitates the small changes needed to amplify results.   When your commitment remains top of mind, you are more likely to move

We believe its important to measure your results… so you can see how far you progress in the months we are together!  During each meeting you will report to the group on your progress and set new actions for the up-coming month.  How much you progress, or not, is your choice.  Your fellow Coffee & Conversation participants are there to support and encourage you, provide insights and perspectives – not to judge you.

Click the image to start your application process

Click the image to start your application process



Will You Join Us? 


Virtual Conference Room Series

Our virtual Coffee and Conversations series will begin in the Fall of 2017 .

online learning ID-10033817Being together in one room to mastermind is a great option, but there are times when a virtual meeting fits the bill.  Our Coffee and Conversations Virtual option is designed to combine the benefits of in-person events with the ease of a virtual event.  Our virtual conference room brings video-conferencing, online chat and recording options to our meetings.   The biggest benefit is the opportunity to expand your network, connect and interact with business leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe!

You have the luxury to join each meeting via your phone or computer from the comfort of home, your office, your hotel room or even the park.   Each participant should invest in a headset with microphone to limit background noise and outside distractions.   This time is dedicated time to work on yourself, your career or business! 

Over the remainder of 2017 and into early 2018, you will enjoy a highly interactive mastermind group designed to focus on moving forward and achieving greater results in a consistent and accountable way.


Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 8 am (Pacific), 11 am (Eastern), 4 pm (GMT),  1 am (AEDT) (Thurs) 

Office Hours Call – where you can call in to get some input, feedback or ask questions — 3rd Wednesday of each month.

2 options to choose from

  1.        6-month program  (October 2017 – March 2018)
  2.        10 month program (October 207 – July 2018)


Your registration includes:

Success Leadership Process 11844131_s

  • Monthly Coffee & Conversations meetings (in person or in our virtual conference room) (2 hrs/meeting).
  • Office Hours Call to ask for input, feedback or share.
  • Pre-meeting reading materials or videos,
  • Access to Resources.
  • Access to the online commitment engine platform for daily check-ins.
  • Ignition Seat time to mastermind your challenges and opportunities.
  • a Private LinkedIn group to keep you moving forward and keep the dialogue happening.
  • The Winning Way” best selling book (e-book) (value $25).
  • Think and Grow Rich” (e-book) (value $20).
  • Business  Journals (for 6 months) to track your goals, progress and results (value $200).


Optional Upgrade

Add a 1:1 laser coaching package to tailor the program to your wants and needs.  Coaching has been proven to ignite clarity, focus and greater profits.



 Isn’t it time to focus on your business and your goals and the actions needed to make them a top priority?

Are You ready to take action?


A Mastermind is a great way to achieve both!


Click the button to start your application process!


Our Give Back

$10 from every registration is donated to charity as part of our MoreThanGreen program.


Do you still have questions?   Book a complimentary 30-minute call.

During this call we will explore your goals and provide options to assist you in igniting the right results.
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