Vision & More

Our Vision


Ignite Leadership International will be a leader in organizational change management services for small to medium sized businesses.


Our Mission


To  support the organizational change and business growth initiatives of small to medium sized businesses through strategic leadership, team communication, organizational development, change management, executive and business coaching and project management.


Our More Than GreenTM  Approach

Ignite Leadership International embraces a More Than Green™  approach in our business activities. 


  • We recognize the value of people, planet & profit as equally valuable facets to business.
  •  We recognize this effort is a work in progress and will conduct semi-annual reviews and report the steps we are taking.
  • We will also communicate on our successes as well as our challenges.


How we do this:


 Give back to those around us.

  • We will donate 5% of  our sales, up to $5000 annually, to our predetermined charities and non-profits.
    • Our Charities for 2014 include:
      • Canadian Athletes Now   Supporting our Olympic athletes who give me so much pleasure to watch and cheer for!
          • As Olympians they become great leaders, teammates and innovators in business — traits we value and work to enhance with our clients and partners.
      • Soldier On Canada     Supporting our Forces Personnel when injured or disabled while allowing us to live in peace and freedom.
          • Giving a hand up to allow others to be independent and capable of contributing to society is key!  We value this approach.
      • Alzheimers Society    In memory of my Grandmother who fought this disease.
          • Family – is so important.  As a knowledge based company, our minds are central to what we offer.  Supporting people with this disease and those near to them is important to provide quality of life.
      • KidSport Canada     Helping all kids to play sport and build leadership and team spirit and be healthy!
  • We have also made donations to help other charities as part of our business that are not included in the 5% stated above
        • The First Tee of Greater Vancouver
        • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  •  Volunteering for organizations or events in the communities where we work and live.
    • Mentor, Women’s Enterprise Centre, 2010
    • 2011 Grey Cup Festival Volunteer Orientation & Training Committee — Orientation Manual Lead
    • 2011 Grey Cup Festival – Volunteer Viewing Room Coordinator
    • Membership Committee Member, Burnaby Board of Trade 2009 – 2012
    • Ambassador, Burnaby Board of Trade  2010 -2014
    • Volunteer — Vancouver Golf  & Travel Show  2011, 2012
    • Guest Lecturer — Fairleigh Dickinson University 2012
    • Connector — Access Program, Burnaby Board of Trade & Simon Fraser University, 2012, 2013, 2014
    • Mentor – Fairleigh Dickinson University – Business Department, 2012, 2013
    • Contributing Author — Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine 2010-2012
    • Contributing Author — EntrepreneurMomNow 2013
    • Golf Fore Gals Volunteer (Social Media team, Golf Show Booth) 2014
    • Program Advisor – Business, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources Professional Advisory Council for Ashton College  2014
    • 2014 Grey Cup Festival — Volunteer & Training Committee Co-Chair

Embrace the value of each member of our team

  • We have regularly referred members of our team who offer contracted services
  • We have created joint venture opportunities where possible
  • We recognize individual contributions as well as special occasions in  the lives of each team member

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We reduce our carbon footprint in travel by:

    • Operating as a virtual office
    • Using technology where possible to connect with and support our clients, and deliver our programs.
    • Combine trips where possible to limit travel
    • Carpooling
    • Smarter scheduling of face-to-face meetings
    • Use transit where feasible
      • Over 70% of our travel into the downtown core is taken using public transit

Reduce our energy use by:

    • Upgrading our equipment regularly to energy-star rated models
    • Turn off monitors when away from our desk
    • Turn off lights and equipment when not in use
    •  Engage energy saving mode for computers when not in use
    • Lights have been changed to LED where possible.

Reduce our use of paper

    • We use recycled or sustainable products wherever possible
      •  Our major print products are printed using a CFC certified shop on paper with a minimum of 83% recycled content.
    • We print double sided for most of our documents, unless otherwise requested or where not possible.
    • Maintain less paper files and more electronic files


    • All paper and cardboard products are shredded and recycled, as permitted
    • All plastics are recycled, as permitted
    • All electronics and batteries are recycled using charitable organizations who embrace sustainable methods.


    • Office supplies are reused for internal use to maximize their life
    • Equipment that is no longer required is donated
    • Use reusable cups instead of disposable whenever possible


Ignite Leadership International has taken the Pledge for a pledge_MemberButton_FASustainable Community with the Burnaby Board of Trade.


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