My Team

My Team

Founder & CEO

 Catherine Rocheleau is a proven visionary and progressive executive who has worked in retail, healthcare, food services and the hospitality industries.  Catherine ran a successful full-time professional practice for more than 15 years and was an executive in a growing non-profit organization.  In 2007, Catherine led her own change to focus on supporting professionals and business owners to break through the obstacles that hold them back from a more efficient and fulfilling business career.  She will drill down to identify your challenges & opportunities and help you establish the structures and systems that drive business results.   Learn more about My Why.

Professionals are great technicians who frequently focus on the heart-centered facets of business to the detriment of the head-centered facets.   Catherine’s SPARK framework, provides each client with a proven method to gain clarity, create an action plan and work that plan now and in the future.  Managing Change is key to any leaders success, and Catherine’s vision empowers business professionals and business owners to balance the competing priorities and enhance their skills for greater & sustainable results. As the Founder and CEO of Ignite Leadership International™,  Catherine is excited that Ignite Leadership  now offer a diverse number of programs and products targeted to middle to senior managers, professionals and business owners.

Our programs range from our annual Ignite Leaders membership program, on-line business and leadership development programs,  group Power Teams, and group or one-on-one executive and business coaching/leadership development.  We also offer Coach Training for organizations who wish to empower managers to embrace the coaching approach with their teams.   Managers who become leadership coaches are qualified to coach within their organization and report greater job satisfaction and productivity,  as well as better communication with team members.

Visit our Products page for more information about the products we currently offer, and the Resources section for books, links and business groups our clients find helpful.



A Few of our Experienced Team Members

Susan Scott Gabe


  Susan Scott Gabe

Susan is a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Leadership and a Masters in Gastronomy.  Susan  is a big picture thinker and helps link strategy and operations.  Susan’s strong social responsibility focus brings another dimension to the skills and interests she brings to the team.   Susan lives in Vancouver with her husband, son and much loved pets.  She regularly volunteers at a local soup kitchen and for other causes she is passionate about.


Maureen McKinnon

Maureen McKinnon

Maureen is a long-time entrepreneur with experience in the real estate, financial and human resource arenas.  Maureen’s business network, and her ability to connect with people,  is one attribute many business leaders would envy.   Maureen is a Certified Business and Executive Coach.  She is a skilled facilitator and brings strong managerial and leadership skills to the team.   Maureen has also sat on many Boards and mentored young entrepreneurs.  Maureen resides in Vancouver.  She is a BC Lions fan was the 2nd  female Waterboy to join the BC Lions Business team.


Angela Heit


Angela Heit

Angela is a Human Resources expert who focuses on three key areas:  1)  Recruitment  2)  Performance Measurement and 3)  Preparing businesses for sale to maximize their value.   Angela previously created, grew and sold her IT recruitment business for a sizable profit.  She now brings her expertise to the Ignite Leadership International team.  Originally from Toronto, Angela now resides in Vancouver with her dog, Finnigan where she enjoys golf, walks along False Creek and North Shore trails and gardening.


Administrative Support

  • Lindsay Morrison



miloni-kapadiaMiloni Kapadia   —   Digital Artist

Miloni is currently a graduate of Capilano University’s Visual Effects program, and also has a Bachelor of Computer Application from India.   Miloni is a digital artist who translates ideas and concepts into graphic images onto cards, book covers, marketing materials and into 3-D designs and visual effects.

Contact Catherine today to determine how the Ignite Leadership International team can support your business to

Align. Activate. Advance.

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