Girls to School Project

The Story of this Project…

In Northern Ghana, most girls drop out of high school by the age 15 due to the quick jump in school fees at the high school level. Thanks to the support of Create Change Foundation, the six girls pictured below have successfully graduated and are now dreaming of obtaining university degrees.

With the average family earning $400 a year from the farm products they sell, girls very rarely make it to university in Northern Ghana, with the tuition costing about $500 each year.


Our Goal…

Ignite Leadership International has set a goal to help these six determined young women to fulfill their potential to become independent, knowledgeable experts in their field, and leaders in their communities.

As part of our More Than Green™ Program, we have partnered with the Vancouver-based charity, Create Change, to make this a reality.


 Why Create Change?

In November 2011, I had an opportunity to meet 4 young women from Northern Ghana in Vancouver.  (Shown in the photo)  These girls shared their stories on how they overcame the many obstacles life presented in order to complete a high school education.  Each young woman was bright, eloquent and had such vision and determination.   This resonated with me.   Education, leadership, change and sharing are key focuses for me in everything I do.

Having the opportunity to create this project will allow me to exact the changes I want to see throughout the world.  Here at home I regularly volunteer my time and expertise, and make donations on a personal basis.   This project will facilitate others to experience what I, and my clients, often take for granted — a good education!


Meet the Girls…


  • Dabuo Mary Cyprana
  • School Attending: University for Development Studies
  • Career ambition: To become a Development Worker

  • Bibiana Yakubu
  • School Attending: University of Education
  • Career ambition: To become an Education lecturer

  • Edith-Ama Attah
  • School Attending: University for Development Studies
  • Career ambition: To become a Teacher

  • Haleemah Abdul-Rauf
  • School Attending: Technical University College
  • Career ambition: To become an Architect

  • Rashida Hudu
  • School Attending: Bagabaga College of Education
  • Career ambition: To become a Teacher

  • Sadia Alidu
  • School Attending: University for Development Studies
  • Career ambition: To become an Accountant

At least 5% of all sales from products and services will be donated to this project to achieve our goal.

What’s In it For You?

You have the knowledge that any product or program you purchase from Ignite Leadership International is contributing to this project.  The public webpage will allow you to follow the project’s progress every month as new contributions are added.

Is There More You Can Do?

Absolutely!!  You too can contribute to my project.  The more we raise, the more young women will be able to attend university.

 Together… Let’s Ignite Leadership and Create Change!


 Looking for a great gift idea for a client, colleague or friend?  

Purchase a gift certificate from Create Change which can be redeemed by the recipient and applied to any project.

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